KIES-U Korea Breast augmentation Revision surgery Method - Neo plane technique

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Breast augmentation revision surgery, Neo plane technique

Today, I would like to share about the breast augmentation revision surgery method that I apply.

I would like to answer few questions that you may have.

1. Is there incision in breast augmentation revision surgery? 

We usually use the same incision spot as the original correction.
If we used inframammary fold, we use that for the revision. If we used areola incision at the first correction, we use the same for the second one. Same applies for the axillary incision. But the same cannot be applied for naval incision. Naval is too far away from the breast....

We need to use endoscope for axillary incision, therefore it is somewhat difficult to conduct on the second surgery. But most patients want it....

2. Do you have to remove the capsule? Is there a special method in KIES-U Plastic surgery Korea?

Different methods are applied for different reasons for the revision surgery. Some common reasons are capsular contracture, size exchange, implant dislocation or rotation. Such reasons lead to replacement of the implant.

If we replace the implant then we need to remove the capsule. All the textbooks on breast augmentation state this fact.

But there are some special cases when we do revision surgery on Korean patients. There are too many thin patients therefore in most of the time the implants are located below the pectoralis muscle in the first surgery. It is easy to remove the capsule if the implant is place above the pectoralis muscle but if the implant is placed below the muscle, the capsule is stuck right on the rib. There would be too much trauma on the rib if we remove all the capsule.

Therefore, most of the doctors do not completely remove all the capsule but only some part if the implant is placed below the pectoralis muscle. Axillary incision is the same because the visibility is not good enough.

In order to solve this problem, I apply the Neo plane technique. The objective of the revision surgery is for the implant to be placed at a new environment properly whatever the cause of the revision is. We need to completely dissolve the previous environment. We do not need to completely remove the capsule and but place it on the bottom and make a new plane between the pectoralis muscle and the capsule, just like the image below.

You do not remove the bottom and leave it as it is. The result would be as the below image.

We can reduce the time of the breast augmentation revision surgery in such way and also avoid unnecessary bleeding and pain.

Whatever the reason is for breast augmentation revision, the failure of the revision surgery is due to the usage of the original capsule. We cannot use the capsule with capsular contracture, but provide absolutely new environment for the breast augmentation revision surgery in order to avoid any possible problems.

3. What is a good implant for breast augmentation revision surgery?

As stated above, the main reasons for revision are capsular contracture, changing the size, rotation / change of position. Patient who got revision surgery due to capsular contracture, would not want to face capsular contracture again. In order to avoid the capsular contracture, one should use the polyurethane implant. If you have faced sever case of capsular contracture or faced it multiple times, then I would recommend Polytech’s microthane implant that is imported here to our country.

Silicone can lead to capsular contracture. You might feel normal for some time, but after 10 years, your breasts might feel tight and hard. A person who loves to eat peach but suffer allergy all of a sudden even just by touching it. Microthane can avoid rotations and misplacement also.

But this is really expensive. If you want to save as much money possible in the revision surgery, then you might have to choose the silicone implant. In such case, I would recommend you to change the type of the implant.

If you used microtexture in the first surgery and suffered capsular contracture, then you could use macrotexture in the revision surgery. If you used macrotexture in the first surgery, then you could change to the smooth type. Basically, you would use the implant with opposite effect in the second surgery. Macro, micro, smooth, etc are all silicone implants. It is impossible to go over the limitations. But, there are little differences among the products.

4. Choosing a large or small sized implant in the revision surgery, what leads to more problems? 

If you are the one who wants to use larger implants in the breast augmentation revision surgery, then you need to know that the original breast tissue contraction may come earlier than expected. As a result, you may be able to feel the implant more than you want and you may feel rippling or other complications.

If you use smaller implant, then you might suffer from rotation or misplacement because the original pocket is too big. One must remove the capsule. If you used small implant in the original surgery and then changed to a larger one, then there would not be much problem.  If you already used large implant in the original surgery and change to an even larger on, then there might be sever contraction, therefore we would not recommend this. If you used very large implant in the first surgery but want to used small sized one in the revision surgery, the surgeon needs to be very careful. If not, there would be bad problems.

5. Does the breast augmentation revision surgery cause more pain than the first? 

Usually there is less pain in the revision surgery and the recovery time is shorter.
There might be those who think that opening up the wound would hurt even more but the patients do not feel much pain in the revision surgery.

The reason for this is that the skin is already extended a lot after the first surgery so there is not much tissue to contract the implant. Therefore, this is less pain in the process. Also, you can get back to your social life really quickly.

All the patients who are in the second surgery must feel the same. You might be thinking that you do not want to come back to this status ever again. In order for the 2nd surgery to be successful, there needs to be good planning by the surgeon.

Approaching method, implant, technique, etc. all must be appropriate for the patient.
This is all for today. Thank you very much.

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