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Microthane breast augmentation – Fact Check 1

We know that something is good, but there are many situations where we do not buy that good product.

There are many companies in Korea that utilize marketing that lead to purchase. The customers (patients) purchase based on the brand popularity rather than quality. Also
the doctors do not tend to recommend the implants that they do not have experience with.

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Microthane decreases the incidence rate of capsular contracture, implant movement, 
rotation and other complications and maintains the beautiful look on the breasts. 

But, sadly, there are many online rumors on polyurethane (microthane) implants that are going around. Therefore, I would like to provide you with the facts.

1. There is no silicone in microthane implant  (False) 

Micro polyurethane foam in applied on the surface of the silicone gel implant.
There is silicone inside the microthane. The surface of the implant is not silicone but polyurethane.

Microthane breast implants surface
If you look at the surface of the polyurethane implant (microthane) with a microscope, you will be able to a hive-like structure. This structure minimizes the capsular contracture. Only the surface is different, the composition is the same with silicone cohesive gel implant. [Breast augmentation Korea]

2. Is microthane a new product?  (False)
Breast augmentation in Korea
The first modern silicone gel implant was introduced in 1964. The polyurethane implant was born next around 1967. The textured implant developed from polyurethane was introduced in the 1980s. This means that polyurethane as a history of about 50 years. This is not a new product but is an implant that has been used by many doctors over many years around the world.
 Breast augmentation in Korea
J.B.Tebbetts, Maxwell, P.Tonnard and other breast augmentation specialists around the world published their research results on the polyurethane implants. Therefore, this implant is not in the clinical test stage. There have been many publishment in world known essays for many years and the safety and the effect of the implant have been researched on continuously. This implant is new to few countries, including Korea.

3. Does microthane implant reduce the capsular contracture? (True)
 Breast augmentation in Korea
In 2009, clinical research date from Allergen showed that the incidence rate of Core study Stage 3~4 capsular contracture in the past 10 years was 19.3%.

The incidence rate of capsular contracture builds on therefore, the incidence rate would be much higher if you look that the past 15 years. However, the incidence rate with the polyurethane implant over the past 15 years was not more than 1%.

This is about 1/20 of silicone implants therefore there is a concrete result of microurethane implant capsular contracture. You do not need to worry about capsular contracture.
4. Does microthane cause cancer? (False)
 Breast augmentation in Korea
At first, there was a critique that polyurethane caused 2,4 TDA after animal tests. But the results from clinical tests showed quite the opposite on the patients. This has been certified by FDA also. Polyurethane does no lead to cancer. This is a scientific proven fact.

5. Does microthane disappear over time? (False)
 Breast augmentation in Korea
This is one of the most common misunderstandings of polyurethane implants. The outer layers of polyurethane implant dissolves with the epidemis. It does not disappear. It cannot be found in the blood or in any part of the body.

6. Is microthane more difficult for breast surgery? (False)
 Breast augmentation in Korea
We cannot say that the procedures for microthane and cohesive gel implants are different. The methods are rather the same. But, there are know-hows of the surgeon that lead to the best outcome possible.  You need to make a larger pocket for microthane implant compared to the cohesive gel implant. Also the incision must be longer (not as much as to lead to a wound)

7. Is microthane harder than the silicone gel implant? (False)
 Breast augmentation in Korea
When the polyurethant surface grows with the skin tissue for 6~9 months after the surgery, your breasts may feel hard. But after this stage, your breasts will feel the same as always.

In fact, the incidence rate of capsular contracture decreases a lot, therefore, there is a less chance of your breasts feeling hard. The augmented breasts must avoid capsular contracture in order to feel good. Therefore, it is rather wrong to say that the polyurethane implant feels less good.

8. Is it impossible to remove microthane implant? (False)
 Breast augmentation in Korea
There are some situations where it is difficult to remove the implant but most of the time, it is rather easy. The microthane is very flexible therefore it is easy to remove the implant from the body. There is more difficulty in removing the silicone gel implant if there is a capsular contracture because the epidermis becomes thick, hard and strong making it more difficult to remove.

We went through facts and rumors of microthane implants. I hope that the contents have helped out on your understanding. We will keep you updated with more information.

Thank you very much.

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