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Today, I will be putting up a post regarding wrinkles under the eyes.
There are many who are curious about this matter and this is something that is very complicated. The reason for such complication is because the wrinkles under the eyes not only include the influence on the skin but also, the fat, muscle around the eyes, lower eyelid, bone structure, and other parts on the center of the face.

Let’s look at some common problems that may arise under the eyes.

1. Wrinkles under the eyes; The reason why many wrinkles are cause under the eyes is that the skin under the eyes is very thin, and there is much movement. When we think about the eyelid, we mostly refer to the top eyelid, but the lower eyelid moves as much as the upper one all day.

Also, the muscles around this area makes minor small expressions. A small frown or a smile can end up in many wrinkles. Also, the aging of a person starts from the eyes and therefore it is difficult to hide the wrinkles under the eyes even for those young ladies.
There are many solution to this. The simplest method is the skin Botox.

The part at bottom of the eyes make the facial expressions therefore if this part becomes stiff due to the Botox, one would look weird. Therefore, it is better to mix the Botox with saline solution and anesthetic drugs so that it does not penetrate deeply into the muscles targeting just the wrinkles.
Tornado threads are used for thread lifting under the eyes. Normally, one would put about 3 to 5 threads parallel to the direction of the lower eyelid. The thread put tension on the thin skin under the eyes making the skin tighter so that this part does not stretch. The thread stimulates the collagen that causes the tightening.
If you are one with severe case of wrinkles and old aged, then removing lower eyelid through surgery is recommended for positive results. The invasive methods recommended above are those from mid-20s to late 40s.

2. Fat under the eyes: There are those who want to get rid of the fat under the eyes to solve the problems that arise below the eyes. This fat is different from the subcutaneous fat that we usually talk about. The eyeball is covered by tissues and muscles that act as a padding for protection. One of the most important cushioning factor is the eye socket fat.

The eye socket fat is located both above and below the eyelids. The eye socket fat below the eyelid loses elasticity and strength as the person gets older and starts to hang downwards. This is a totally different problem compared to the wrinkles.
If the fat under the eyes start to stick out, then one must remove the fat or move the fat to the lower tear trough. There are some who ask if the eyes look fat and whether the dark circle becomes worse or not, when the fat is removed. This is not true.

3. Tear trough ; Tear trough is formed because of the lower margin of the orbital rim, which acts as a container for the eye. The bone acts as a shelf and the eye is placed on it. When the skin surrounding the orbital rim lose elasticity, wrinkle is formed. This is the case of nasolabial line and Indian band. Also, the fat below the eye sticks outwards making the tear trough look deeper.

For the swelling of the eye or worsened case of tear trough, one can consider fat transplantation. But if you want to avoid a surgery and rather find noninvasive method, a tornado thread can be used to make the tear trough look less severe. Threading is normally used for lifting or tightening, but in this case, it can be used as a supporting measure. Filler can be used simultaneously.

4. Dark circle ; Dark circle is casued due to the melanin coloring from the ultraviolet rays or because the blood vessels are too close to the skin. Allergy or not enough blood circulation can also make the surrounding of the eyes look darker. Dark circle cannot disappear with one surgery, it needs continuous care. If the dark circle is caused by pigmentation, then whitening treatment (whitening laser, whitening injection) can be applied. If there is a problem with blood circulation then one should take care of his/her body by getting enough sleep and drinking much water. If a person has a severe case of dark circle with aging effect on the eyes, the he/she would need to get both dark circle and wrinkle treatments.

5. Lower eyelid(aegyo sal); There are some who take care of the lower eyelid for antiaging, but one must be careful of this. Making the lower eyelid smaller does not make one look younger. If you have many small wrinkles below the eyes, then you can put filler into the lower eyelid therefore removing the small wrinkles. But if you are aged with less elastic skin under the eyes and use the filler, the filler would make the skin hang down. Therefore, it is important to consider how elastic the skin around the eyes are when using the lower eyelid filler.

Today, we looked at the wrinkles formed under the eyes and the antiaging method for these wrinkles.
Thank you very much for reading.

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