Treating nasolabial fold

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Today’s post is on the treatment methods for nasolabial line.
One thing that the patients must know about the nasolabial line is that, no one method can solve or improve on its related problems.
Also, one should have some knowledge on the nasolabial line.

How does nasolabial line form?
If you think that the nasolabial line is formed due to age, then you would not be able to explain why the young people have nasolabial line.
There are multiple reasons to why the nasolabial line is formed, therefore, it is important to have multiple approaches to solve this problem.

1. Influence of the upper jaw and tooth
Upper jaw includes the bottom of the nose to the upper lips. It also includes upper mouth gum bone where the teeth are located.  There are cases where this gum bone slides outwards. The tooth also slides out in this case and we call this, buck tooth. We usually call this problem, protruded mouth. For all those who have protruded mouth, you cannot avoid having nasolabial line on the face. The nasolabial line does not make you look older in such case, but the face might look dull and less sophisticated and this is why you want to have the face treated.
Such treatment for the bone-mouth structure is not covered by antiaging treatment but by facial contour surgery. Usually, surgery with implant is conducted, but another simple method can be the usage of the filler.

2. The skin on the midface, above the wrinkle, hangs down

Nasolabial line refers to the groove, and this groove means that the surrounding area is rather tall or high. If you have much fat on the midface, ie from the apple line to the side of the nose and to the nasolabial line, and your face hangs down even by a little, your nasolabial line would look severe. In this case, facial contour surgery is necessary rather than antiaging. Usually accusculpt / mini sculpt is applied, but nowadays, facial contour injection or hpl methods are applied. Also, the hanging skin means that the skin has lost elasticity therefore tightening methods such as ultraformer / ulthera are used.

3. Facial expression, lip movement, smiling habit
Aging mean that you have used something for a long time. If you do not make many expression then you would not have severe case of nasolabial line. But, if you move your mouth a lot, make it big, and make many expressions with the mouth, you would naturally have severe case of nasolabial line.
Take a lot at how much the nasolabial line moves when you frown or smile. Also, in most cases, both sides of the face would not make the same expression therefore your nasolabial line would be asymmetric.
The most representative methods to solve this are using the Botox or the filler.

As shown in the image, the filler is applied at the deep area where the pressure is high. But the filler disperses to the area with less pressure resulting in no improvement. This is why filler cannot be the solution to nasolabial line problem.

4. Low elasticity of the skin
Most people would suffer low elasticity of the skin. Only the degree is different. No one can avoid this problem. As the skin loses elasticity, the skin starts to hang down and the wrinkle becomes worse.

Nasolabial thread lifting ... i.e cog thread – the skin starting from the front part of the ear to the nasolabial line is lifted and the filler is used. This is the most commonly used method for most patients.

Today, I have share about the nasolabial line and how to treat it. Hope you had a great off-days. It’s a start of a new week from tomorrow. Thank you for reading. Have a great day.

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