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I have been posting various materials on the non-invasive methods of antiaging. The objective of all these methods are to pull, and straighten out the skin. But, one thing that you need to consider is that the face is 3 dimensional and very complicated various features are applied. Antiaging methods cannot be simply thought of. For some pulling of the skin may be important, and for others vice versa. So, the treatment method or surgery will differ according to the aging pattern of the face.

There is a difference in how the Asians age compared to the westerners. Asians have thick skin and firm autologous fascia. Also, there is a tendency for gathering of fat as you age (above the nasolabial line and on the cheeks).

As the skin hangs down, the wrinkles become worse as the fat gather around the nasolabial line and the marionette line. The other fat gather at the upper part of the lines and make the face look older. (It is like getting unwanted fat in the lower body and at your side)


Simultaneously, opposite effect, loss of fat happens on the temple, forehead, face under the cheekbone, part under the eyes. Therefore, one must fill up the volume in the necessary parts and remove the fat on the parts in others for antiaging so that the face looks balanced, beautiful and young. We call all these methods, contouring.

Contouring includes fat transplantation and fat suction, and there are many different methods for these as well. The most basic method is to inject tumescent liquid through the syringe on the cheek and at the part above the nasolabial line. When such method of lessening the thickness of fat layer is used, it is important that you do not get too greedy about the result. If you want a dramatic effect by removing much fat, your skin may get damaged because of the harm caused on the small blood vessels, and other sensitive tissue cells. There can be other damages to the nerves and salivary gland. Appropriate amount of effectiveness or a little less would lead to best result.

Normally, we would use suction equipment along with a vibrator for the liposuction, but this is restricted on the face. Everything must be done manually, carefully, and in detail to avoid any accidents. One must be careful when using the accusculpt as well. Heat comes out of it and it would be good if the heat only controls the fat and the heat can also influence the skin. This could lead to a burn on the face.
Also, when conducting the fat transplantation, we need to remove the fat from the thigh or the stomach where there is much fat. Fat transplantation cannot be complete with just one time procedure. The percentage of prompt engraftment differs from a person to another, but the average is about 30%, therefore it is important to apply 2 or 3 procedures of fat transplantation for antiaging on the cheek or the temple.
Appropriate application of such contouring method on the appropriate patient may lead to better outcome than expected. This is not just a procedure but is a surgery that needs anesthesia and operation therefore, there are many patients who are reluctant.

If you are one who do not prefer the usage of anesthesia or knife, then you can choose to use HPL or contouring syringe on the front cheek or marionette line, use ulcera / ultraformer, and then the filler on the nasolabial fold or the cheek.

All these methods are not just one time procedures. They all need long term treatment. HPL, a minimum of 10 times. Contouring syringe, a minimum of 5 times and filler should be applied at least once a year.

As state in the blog from the beginning, the beauty and the young look of a person is not just an one event happening but there are many who think of it as long term treatment and care. This is especially so for the non-invasive antiaging methods.

Today, we looked at antiaging methods of contouring, fat transplantation and liposuction.
Thank you for reading.

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