Few tips for athletes with breast augmentation

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There are many athletes who visit our clinic.
Today, I would like to share few tips for those who enjoy sports, those who are professionals or do sports for living.

1. Weight control
This is the first topic that I share with, with those who enjoy working out. This is very important for such people. There are many who lose weight in a sudden before an event or a tournament.
Once this is passed, they tend to become less sensitive on the diet.

This type of weight control repetition is not good for the breasts. Gradual loos of weight is better. You should not try to lose much weight at once. If such gain and loss of weight is repeated, you will tend to lose elasticity on the breast tissue, and your breast would age.
Breasts that lose elasticity, cannot be recovered. The problem is here. Also, the breast correction required for this is very complicated and risky.

Health instructors, body builders, fitness, ball-related athletes, Yoga/Pilates, and Jazz/Belly dancers all needs to avoid sudden loss of weight when considering the beauty aspect of their breasts.
Anyway, there are those who ask if they should lose weight before or after the breast augmentation. There is no answer to this question. One cannot know how much weight would be lost, and how much influence the weight would have on the changes made on the breast.

There is homeostasis in our body.
When you shake a water bottle, the water inside makes waves, but as time passes, the water calms down.
When there is such a shake or complication in the body, it takes some time for the body to get used to the different environment and get back into stable condition.
It is important to control body fat, weight and rhythm before the surgery in order to minimize any chances of complications that may be caused after the surgery.

2. Harmony in the breast
Breasts have been one of the core parts of the body regarding a woman’s body beauty.
A good, healthy looking body would include breasts also.
The muscle volume and edge would be important for male fitness athletes, but for a woman, it would be important to have good looking breasts along with developed muscles on the body.

The lines formed by the breasts need to be in harmony with the upper body shape and size. A high volume breast would not look natural on an average body.
The position of the nipple is related with the cup size but is not related to the beauty of the breast. A breast without symmetry, balance, and ratio would not make the body look good.

3. Selecting surgery method
There are many who ask where the incision should be when considering problems caused when exercising. But I don’t think that this is an important factor to consider. The plane where the implant lies is more important. Deciding if the implant room should be above the pectoralis muscle or below the muscle is more important.

If the room is formed above the pectoralis muscle, there would be no pressure on the implant and no problem with the implant moving to another location. However, if the skin becomes thin, then one would be able to see the implant and feel the edges also.
If the room is formed below the pectoralis muscle, then the contraction on the muscle would pressurize the implant. The repetitive contraction leads to movement and rotation of the implant. However, there is low possibility of capsular contraction and low possibility of being able to feel the implant.

I have been thinking a lot about this problem with athletes.
In conclusion, I think it is better to conduct the surgery under the pectoralis muscle. (Below the muscle is a popular spot for dual plane as well)
When I observe the results of dual plane surgery, the movement of the implant has been less severe for athletes who conducted vigorous activities. These athletes tend to reduce fat and gain muscle. If the implant is place above the pectoralis muscle and can be felt, there is no way to solve this issue.

For athletes, the best plane for breast implant would be the dual plane. The incision location of the armpit / areola / inframammary fold are less important than this.

4. Cautions to take after the surgery
When can I start working out?
You would need some time to recover to the state before the surgery.
You should not start exercising at same density as before the surgery.
Simple stretching and light workout for one week would be good enough to bring up the pace however, the recovery time period is different from one person to another.
Also, it takes about 3 ~ 4 weeks for the capsule to form around the implant, in order for you to start exercising.
After 3 months, there is nothing that you cannot do.

Athletes do not have subcutaneous fat and have tight skin therefore it takes much time for the breast to get into proper shape.
Massaging and using correction bra helps this process. Sport activities are not restricted during this stage

Today, I shared few tips for those athletes or related personnel who want breast augmentation. Thank you for reading.

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