From when and how to take care of breast augmentation scar

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There are those, with scars after breast augmentation on armpit, inframammary fold, and areola, who are curious about “when to start treating on the scars.”

Today, I would like to answer this question.

We put scalpel on the skin for incision and this is called and operation. Incision to look inside the body is necessary for an operation.  The skin is like clothes with spandex. Can you imagine cutting this spandex clothes with scissors? The clothes would spread away from the incision line. If you put a knife onto the skin, this would lead to forming of the scar. The degree of the scar is different according to different situations.

The skin with the scar goes into healing effect instantly. This amazing healing process is still not analyzed or understood properly in the medical world. Which cells what type of substance? What stops the bleeding and what covers up the scar so that the body is protected from outside pollutant? These are some things that are really complicated and something that happens which we cannot control.

One thing that a doctor can do is to close the scar as much as possible so that the healing process becomes quicker. we call this stitching.

Now many know what stitching is why it is necessary. Stitching makes the scar heal quicker than when it is not applied. But, there is another difference. If the scar is not stitched, new skin would form between the scar, ie. the scar becomes wider. Stitching would gather the skin therefore, there is less room for new skin formation. Therefore, this makes the scar as minimal as possible.

Stitching in cosmetic surgery makes the wound heal safely but another important purpose is the avoiding of the formation of the scar and making it less visible as well.

Then, here is the answer to your question.

The first two weeks after the breast augmentation is important for healing. It is best that you do not touch the scar at this point in time. If there is no problem such as the stitch breaking up, then you should just leave it as it is. Nothing can make the healing process better than just leaving it when there is no problem.

If the thread does not melt in 2 weeks, we will remove it manually. The thread will remain but the tightness disappears within the two weeks. So whether the thread is there or not, we need to dress up the scar so that the skin does not widen again.

There is a paper tape called steri-strip. It helps out alot if you use such tape for about 2 months. There are many who ask how long the tape should be used. It is good to use it for as long as you can. If the scar widens due to the pulling pressure of the skin, the scar would get bigger in time.

You can know if the scar is healing properly or not in 2~3 months. Although the wound is healed, the skin surrounding the wound is weak. This part of the skin remains red. There is not much blood circulation in this area and the blood vessels are not healed properly therefore it is best to spend this time concentrating on how to protect the skin. If you apply laser on the skin, it would damage the skin.

Then, when do we apply laser treatment and other types of treatment?

It’s about 6~8 months later when the skin comes back to it complete state and recovers its original condition. It is best that you take care of the skin as much as possible by rubbing ointment and etc, during this time. You can apply the paper tape or patch (such as cica-care, f-sheet) and get laser treatment if necessary.

Detailed laser treatment method according to different types of scar will be brought about in another post for your reference.

Thank you and have a great day.

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