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Breast implant placement : Under and over the muscle or Dual Plane

If you are aware about the breast implant placement, then you know just about 90% of what the breast implant that we use for the breast surgery is.

When I talk to many patients, they ask,

“How large (cc) implant do you use?”
“Do you use the round type or the tear-shaped?”
“What is the incision location?”

But rarely do they ask about the placement of the breast implant.

If someone does ask about the plane, she would not ask about the differences in the plane and why such differences exist.

I have always been wondering how to communicate this to the patients easily and clearly.

So, I decided to draw an image.

Below is the explanation.


As you can see above, if the breast implant is located over the muscle, you are able to feel the implant. This can be easily felt with the thin patients relatively more so than those who are not thin.

Then why do we put the implant over the muscle? There are many advantages. The implant, itself, pushes up the fat so the breast looks bigger and prettier. Also there is no pressure from the pectoralis, so the implant would not be moved to another location.

We usually put the implant under the muscle for the thin patients. You would not be able to feel the implant in this way however, the muscle tends to push on the implant. As time passes, there are few cases where the implant moves up and changes the location.

Dual plane surgery takes on the advantage of the over muscle and under muscle surgeries. We cut off the muscular fiber and put the implant at the top of bottom of it.

In doing so, this would lead to the separation of the pectoralis. Some people worry that this causes no movement of the arm.
A body builder had the same surgery. She was able to lift weights after the surgery without any problmes. You do not have to worry about the muscle functioning.

Dual plane breast augmentation causes no pushover of the implant, and you cannot feel it either.

I hope this has helped you understand what the whole process it. Dual plane breast augmentation has least number of side-effects and is a very good method.

If you know about this, then you know almost everything about breast surgery. This is the most important part of the breast augmentation surgery.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day.

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