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AlloDerm, MEDPOR,Donor Cartilage _Materials necessary for nose job

Nasal Implants for Rhinoplasty - AlloDerm

AlloDerm refers for skin graft. It combines two words of Allo = Thick skin of a human being, and dermis.
It is a donated thick skin that has been fabricated so that it could be used on another person. This is used widely around the world. There are other products of such with different brand name as well.

Rhinoplasty(Nose job) implants AlloDerm

Thick skin lies underneath the epithelium. If the epithelium is peeled off, there is an area with much blood, this is called the thick skin.
AlloDerm is mainly used for recovering a patient with a large extent of damage on the skin. It is mostly used for plastic surgery, especially the nose correction.

Rhinoplasty implant
Nasal Implants AlloDerm

It gives volume to the skin, therefore is placed under the epithelium. AlloDerm is used to give volume but if you need to fill the volume of subcutaneous fat, transplantation is recommended. AlloDerm can maintain its form although the blood is not formed however there is a high possibility that it will lose its volume. There is much loss of volume in 2 to 3 months.

This is used to make your nose look higher, and also in other parts of the body that need volume.

Rhinoplasty(Nose job) Implant -MEPOR

MEDPOR is called “artificial bone” that has Poros polyethylene. It is a polymeric material that is used widely in plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty Implant - MEDPOR

This substance has more solidity and hardness compared to silicone or AlloDerm and it also has some plasticity as well. It is not absorbed in the body but spreads out along with the surrounding cells.
This substance is commonly used for the ears and facial bones, but there are different opinions on whether it could be used on the nose or not.
I think that one can use MEDPOR after careful deliberation.
MEDPOR cannot be used all the time, and it would be recommended to use autologous cartilage but there is a limit to the amount that we can use therefore, we could use small amount of MEDPOR to make a nose that the patient wants.

Nasal Implants for Rhinoplasty - MEDPOR

Nasal Implants for Rhinoplasty - Donor Cartilage

Most of the Donor cartilage used in beauty clinics is costal cartilage. Many of them are imported from Germany. This also is AlloGraft, i.e. a homoplastic graft. We get cartilage from some person and use the technique that we have to make a product.

AlloDerm is completely dry when you open the package, but the donated cartilage has disinfectant in it when you open the package. The cell sap and all the traits of the cell are not fully awakened when the surgery takes place. This is not as complicated as skin transplantation therefore it is easily engrafted.

But it can be absorbed. We do not know exactly how much would be taken in and how much would be lost before the surgery. There is more absorption than the transplantation of the costal cartilage.

Also there is a possibility that there would be an inflammation. There are many reasons such as the defect on the product, carelessness of the surgeon, infection on the wound but the important reason can be the blood circulation with the substance, bleeding that cannot completely remove all the substances from the procedure.

It is not right to think about whether it is right to use the donor cartilage or not, but it is more important to consider a case that needs this donor cartilage and use is appropriately for the surgery.

It is important to change the original form and control the framework of the nose but there are some parts that require the usage of the substances mentioned above.

If you use just as much as you need, then it would become a medicine or a solution.
Thank you for reading.

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