24 hours recovery of breast augmentation surgery - My survey report

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Hi, I'm doctor Lee.

24 hours recovery of breast augmentation surgery is not a marketing - promotion term, but one of essential points of this surgery.

Surgeons has to perfect himself in 24 hours recovery to minimize the complications and postoperative problems.

What is 24 hours recovery? ; 
A quick recovery allows the patients to return to normal activity 
- walking, shopping, driving, etc. - 
after the breast augmentation surgery. 

It means, morning operaiton and evening going out for dinner.

The patients who have recovered fast had fewer and minimal complications  than who have not.

In Seoul, many overseas clients come and return to their country in only 3~4 days, Russia, Mongolia, China, Hongkong, and USA.  Although more time is desired for the surgery for them, but under 24 hour recovery system, the time is not lacking.

"The same decision process and surgical techniques that deliver 24 hour recovery also deliver optimal long term outcomes with low complication and reoperation rate."
(John B. Tebbetts, AUGMENTATION MAMMAPLASTY, Redefining the patient and surgeon experience, Mosby, 2010, Elsevier Inc. pp.377~385)

But How?

How a surgeon can let the patient recover that fast?

It requires plenty of experiences and accumulated know-hows.

I have conducted survey about the 24 hour recovery after operation of my patients for 1 year.

The questionnaires were sent thru the phone message s and 172 patients responded. And the results are as follows.

90.1% of the responders answered positively. Who answered 'not recovered in 24 hours' was 9.9%.

Although the majority of patients answered "I recovered very fast. I didn't have much discomfort." . but some did not, so I have thought about the reasons of the delayed recovery.

And I can present a few factors for that.

1) Too big size implant compared to the patient's chest size.

2) Tight skin (breast envelope) which make it difficult to adapt to the expanded body surfaces.

3) The patient's bad condition on the operation day.

If the  size of  the implant is very big, then the surgeon has to dissect very wide space, then the possibility of bleeding or tissue trauma increases. And it is concluded to a delayed recovery.

And If the skin envelope is tight, or the original breast tissue is scant, small, then the skin will put pressure on the implant and the underlying periosteum. And it brings pain and the delayed recovery.

24 hours recovery = Low complication rate

Fast recovery means there was little trauma on the patient's body.
And the tissue which has only minor injury can heal fast,
As a result, we can have optimistic view of the complications of the surgery including capsular contracture. They can be minimized.

Today my posting was about 24 hours recovery of breast augmentation.

Thanks for reading, have a great day.

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