Dual plane breast augmentation

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HI, I'm Dr. Lee.

Today I'm going to write about the dual plane breast augmentation.

The frequent questions about the augmentation surgery are, what implant is good for me?, How big ? and where should we put it through.

The above 3 questions are very important but, the supreme importance is, what plane should the implants be.

The planes

There are 4 planes for the breast implants.

Above the muscle, under the muscle, under the fascia, and dual plane.

It means, the depth of the implant position.

Belows are my hand paintings for explanations.

1) Above muscle

Implants are between the pectoralis muscle and the breast parenchyma.

With this method, the implants make the breast shape directly so the aesthetic effect is nice and the breasts look big enough.
And the surgery is easy and not painful at all.

The shortcoming is that the thin breast envelope cannot cover the implant sufficiently. Thus the margin could be visible.   And the occurrence of  the capsular contracture is relatively high.  Below are the hand paintings about that.

2) Below muscle

So if the implant is located below the pectoralis muscle then it would have thicker coverage.
Therefore, looks more natural especially for thin patients  and the risk of the contracture, rippling, palpability will be lower.

But the shortcoming is, the muscle contracts and releases and put pressure on the implant. So the position of the implant could be unstable, and there is higher risk of double fold formation.

3) Dual plane

You can see the below painting about the dual plane. 

It makes up the shortcomings of above 2 techniques. The upper part of the implant is under the muscle and, the lower part is above the muscle.

The merits are
staunch coverage of the implant, (thus lower risk of palpability and unnatural feeling)  
Margin of the implant will not be visible.
The implant is stable in its position and has low risk of displacement.
The contracture risk is low.
The risk of double fold line is lowered.

To sum up, the dual plane technique is the most reasonable, stable, low risk procedure ever known. The surgeons must find his feet at the dual plane surgery.

That's it for today. Thanks a lot and have a nice day.

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