How to avoid capsular contracture - a complication of breast augmentation surgery

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To explain this term, 'capsular contracture', I think we have to talk about the 'capsule' - in relation with the breast augmentation surgery - first.

Capsule is a barrier against a foreign material.

The human body reacts with almost any kind of foreign materials, including silicone, and as a result it makes a wall, an immune reaction.

This barrier is called capsule.

It takes a few weeks for the human tissue to form a capsule around the whole implant.

Capsule creation itself is a normal process. It must happen to everybody.

But if it is closing up the implants, then it can make a problem.

When the capsule tightens the implants, this condition is called 'contracture'.
Not everybody experiences the capsular contracture after the operation.

If it is closed up very tightly, then it can compress the implant, make the breasts deformed, and make the breasts harder and harder.

Capsular contracture is like a wound healing.

The human body would make a scar with any wound.

Some used to have a very bad and big scar, and some will not.

Unfortunately, nobody can predict whether it would happen or not, before the surgery.

Quoting a data from 'plastic and reconstructive surgery', an authoritative journal,  an expert surgeon in USA reported the occurrence of the capsular contracture had been only 0.7% from 1664 patients - breast augmentation surgery - for 7 years.

On the other hand, a report presented to FDA by Mentor and McGhan, the implant manufacturer, had the data about the  capsular contracture  rate, it  had been 9%.

So you can see how different the result is between the surgeons.

The capsular contracture is one of the main reasons for the unsatisfactory results and reoperations of the numerous breast surgery.

And both the surgeons and the patients hope to avoid it because,  it is one of the most serious problems of this surgery.

But How?  Isn't there any way to avoid it?
Definitely there is the way.

In my opinion, the means to sidestep the capsular contracture is, a trauma-free and nearly bloodless, delicate technique of surgery.
Because  the contracture is a phenomenon of a hyper-reaction against a foreign material.

But it is not easy.
A nearly trauma-free surgery can be achieved only by a well experienced, expert surgeons.

Patients could attain very fast recovery and return to normal activity very soon after this surgery.

If the patient has so much pain after the breast augmentation , get drainage so long time and have much discomfort, then it means there was much damage to the normal tissues, and  the capsular contracture rate could be higher.

So that's it for today's posting.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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