Saggy breast surgery

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Saggy breast

Delivery, aging, and massive weight loss generally  changes the breasts.
They are going saggy.

This posting is a talking about the saggy breasts. What means saggy breast? and How can we improve it?

The first step is the downward movement of the breast parenchyma,
Meanwhile the lower breast envelope is stretched.

And the upper volume of the breast is shrank.

These changes, relatively early phase of the breast ptosis, is said 'Glandular Ptosis'.

The glandular ptosis is somewhat different from the 'real ptosis'.

In real ptosis cases, even the upper part of the breast envelope is stretched, and the nipple-areola will drop. So that is the Difference, the distance from the clavicle to the nipple is very long in real ptosis, and not that long in glandular ptosis.

And nothing is seen between the nipple and the lower margin of the breasts.

Another point is, the level of the under breast line.

If the nipple level is lower than the under breast line, then it is real ptosis.
If the nipple level is not lower than that, it is glandular ptosis.

Real ptotic breast needs lifting operation.
We call it 'mastopexy'.

Glandular ptotic breast usually do not need mastopexy. Generally they just need augmentation.

Usually the mastopexy leaves so much scar. Many patients want no scar surgery besides that kind of lifting operation.

But the augmentation surgery for the ptotic persons are different from that of usual augmentation.

The surgeon has to have a good, detailed idea and knowledge about the augmentation surgery for the glandular ptotic breast patients.

The photographs of each surgery is as belows.

Augmentation surgery for the glandular ptotic women. anatomical shaped breast implants were used, and Dual plane surgey was done. and it brings wonderful result. 

That's it for today. Thank you for reading and have a nide day.

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