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Can you see the implant in the x-ray after the breast augmentation? 

There are many of those who ask if one can see the silicone implant through the x-ray after the breast implantation.

The answer to this is, “Yes”. You can also see the saline bag type implant as well.

X-ray is a line that penetrates through the body, and the amount of penetrability determines the shade or shadow that comes out finally as the x-ray film.

Doctors are well aware of how the x-ray penetrates through a normal person’s body.
If there is a substance in the body, the shade looks different therefore, one can know that there is something different than that of a normal body.

But having a silicone implant in the body does not mean that there is something wrong with the body itself.

X-ray specialists receive training on how to look and examine the x-ray of those women’s chest that has implants.

It is very rare that they misjudge heart or lung disease, or trauma such as a break on the one because the implant covers those certain parts.

In case of CT, one discovers the implant coincidently as he/she looks for heart or lung illness, or clinical stage of the lung cancer.

One cannot get detailed information of the implant through the CT.

If you find that there is an implant rupture through the CT, then you would not need to get a MRI.

However, although you get positive result from CT, this does not mean that the implant is at a normal status.

If you want an accurate examination of your implant, MRI is the one that you need to take.

Many women are concerned about implants getting damaged due to the mammogram (i.e. x-ray) pressing against the chest as they get an examination for breast cancer.

The answer to this is that there is no actual problem in this. Such pressure has 0% chance of rupturing the implants. You do not need to worry about this and so you can go on and take the mammogram.

There are those who are concerned about one’s privacy being scrutinized as the implants may show up during the mammogram or ultrasound test.

But this is something that you need to compromise.

The reason is that there is nothing more important than health to any human.
One should not try to hide that there is a substance in the body from a doctor who needs to examine, find, and treat an illness.

If is necessary for you to let the doctor know that you have implants in your breasts whether you are being examined or treated by the doctor.

Also, there are many women who had breast augmentation with implants therefore, it is rather not awkward for the doctors to treat or examine a woman with implants.

This is all for today. Thank you for reading. Have a good night.

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  1. Breast implants are used to enlarge or reconstruct breasts. Complications can occur with all types of breast implants.



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