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Do teardrop(anatomical) type implant rotate (turn upside-down)? 

I would like to quote findings of Prof. Heden from Karolinska University in Stockholm, Sweden.

"From 1995 to 2009 we implanted close to 12,000 (minimum of 6,000 patients) AHCSI implants (teardrop type implants)........ Infections were caused in 1.7%, seroma in 0.6% of the cases. Infections are found mainly in the combined mastopexy augmentations.

Rotations have been seen in the teardrop type implant at 0.42% but have been an uncommon complication."

Scott L. spear, Surgery of the Breast. principles and Art. 3rd ed. 2011. pp.1344

Prof. Heden is one of the most well-known experts in teardrop type implants. He perceives a technique in making accurate desquamating location for teardrop type implant to be very important. This means that if the “teardrop type implant pocket” is made in the correct position, there is no possibility of rotation.

Let’s refer to Prof. Elizabeth Hall Findlay as well.
Prof. Findlay is another expert in breast augmentation who has been in the field all her life time. Prof. Findlay found double capsule and late seroma, and studied them.

Breast augmentation Korea

When strong texture implant gets physical exterior trauma, late seroma is formed after a year of the breast augmentation. In this case, the breast would swell up severely and after an emergency surgery that involved removing the seroma, one found that there was a double capsule at the point where there was a water buildup.

Much seroma would stop the implant sticking on the surrounding tissue. Therefore, the teardrop type has higher possibility of rotation.
But, late seroma is not common. Infection, hematoma, trauma, or breast cancer would lead to such a problem.

Let’s think about this in a simple way.

Why does the teardrop type implant rotate?

If there is much space, then the implant would rotate. If the pocket fits the implant well, then the implant cannot change its shape or position. But, round type would still rotate.

Breast augmentation Korea

If the implant sticks properly onto the surrounding skin, it would not rotate easily. All implants are textured so that they do not move about. If there isn’t good texturing, or the implant is from some bad company, or if there is much blood around the implant, then the implant may rotate.

What is the problem in moving about frequently?
We looked at Prof. Findlay’s findings above that late seroma is caused when there is a trauma on the aggressively textured implant. This can cause the rotation or the movement but this is really uncommon.

If the breast with an implant gets a lot of trauma or physical irritation, the implant loses its stickiness therefore causing seroma or hematoma that leads to the rotation or the movement.

Breast augmentation Korea

There are some cases abroad where the husband touched the wife’s breasts too aggressively that has led to seroma formation and reconstruction. The doctor found that there was a rotation in such case.

But other than this, if the woman does not do any UFC like activity, or if she is not a stunt woman, there shouldn’t be any trauma that causes such problem.

Although there is much movement of the pectoral muscle, if the implant pocket is made properly and if the stickiness is appropriate, there shouldn’t be any problems of rotating or moving about of the implants.

Once the silicone implant gets inside the body, a strong and tense barricade is formed around the silicone exterior. This is due to the immune reaction of the body, therefore, one cannot avoid it. This barricade is the epithelium. The epithelium surrounds the implant in 2 to 3 weeks. This epithelium that surrounds the implant is very strong and tough. Therefore, it is meaningless to massage the breast after this epithelium is formed in 2 to 3 weeks of the breast augmentation. Massaging would not avoid the epithelium.
The width of the epithelium would influence how much pocket space is formed for the implant and the textured surface of the implant sticks to this epithelium. Therefore, one should not conduct any rigorous activity but restrain body movement for 2 to 3 weeks after the breast augmentation. Rigorous activity can obstruct the stickiness causing possibility of the implant rotation.

Breast augmentation Korea

There are many patients who are concerned about the rotation of the teardrop type implants before the breast augmentation.
But, if everything goes, well, the rotation would not happen.

First, the doctor’s technique in desquamating the pocket that fits the implant perfectly is most important.
 Pocket that matches the implant needs to be formed to order to avoid rotation or the movement of the implant.

Second, one must avoid any repetitive trauma on the augmented breasts. This is not any trauma but one that may separate the implant and the skin tissue..

Third, one must restrict body movement / activity 2~3 weeks of recovery. Basic normal activities and stretching are fine, however, one should avoid any activity that requires a lot of strength so that the implant positions and sticks properly.

Today, we looked at the cause and solution to how one can avoid implant rotation. I hope that the contents have helped you.

Have a great day.

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