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What is tuberous breast?

It is difficult to find a severe case of tuberous breast but there are times that I get to meet patients with minor case of tuberous breast.

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I think that there are about 5% of patients with a minor case of tuberous breast.

Name and definition

Tuberous breast is a congenital abnormality.
It can be formed on just one breast or both.
During the maturity stage, you breast do not develop completely therefore forming this unique shape.

There is no confirmed reason as to why this is caused but we believe that there is relativity with the disability in accumulating collagen.

In US, about 1 to 5% of breast augmentation patients are found to have this problem but there is no prevalence rate of the whole population. Not all of these patients come all the time to have the problem fixed.

It has many names. Some call it tuberous breast and others call it constricted breast.
It is also known as tuberous breast deformity, tubular breast, snoopy share breast, and herniated breast.

Characteristics of the shape

Large and thick areola
Far distance between the two breasts
Breast hypolasia
Sagging breasts
High inflammatory fold
Narrow breast width

These are some characteristics.

This also influences one’s ability to breast feed a child. In a worst case, one’s breast might not have developed enough to breast feed a child.
However, there is no influence on pregnancy or giving birth.


Tissue expansion method and breast augmentation techniques can help correct the breasts.

Surgery is more complex than a normal breast augmentation. Highly trained plastic surgeon needs to conduct the procedure.

I have felt that the characteristics of those with tuberous breasts are as the following, in our country.

Nipple – Short distance from the inflammatory fold, and very straight
Tight breast cortical organization
Sticking out nipple, areola
Overall, the breast is small
Two breasts are wide apart

There needs to be more know-how than just a basic breast augmentation.

The implant needs to be strong and very stable in shape therefore the implant requires to have high filling rate and high agglutinability of the silicone gel. Water drop type is more effective than the round type.

I would recommend Allergan Style 410, Mentor CPG, and SiliMed.

These implants are used to make the lower part of the breast from begin tight to loose making the breast look aesthetically pleasing for a longer period of time.

Some might think that implant going into the upper part of the pectoral muscle might have more aesthetically pleasing results but most of the patients do not have thick enough skin tissue therefore the implant is located under the pectoral muscle. Double plane surgery that helps out those with thin layer of skin tissue can lead to satisfying results.

It is better to release the lower breast tissue so that it is dispersed to make a good looking share for a severe case of tuberous breast. This procedure is more complex and requires more time.

Today we looked at the details of tuberous breast.

Thank you for reading, have a great day.

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