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Dual plane teardrop breast augmentation 

A lot of patients in Korea get the teardrop breast augmentation but using teardrop(anatomical) type implant does not mean that your breast would look natural and beautiful.

A lot of the doctors realized this late and therefore, now, think much about how the surgery should be performed than they used to in the past.

Teardrop breast augmentation Korea
Also the teardrop type is 3 dimensional and it has a lot of variety therefore one must be very careful when deciding on the width, lower line, height, etc.

My personal conclusion is that the teardrop(anatomical) type implant should be used on the dual plane. If not, this implant would not look like a teardrop.

Also, Korean patients are comparably thinner than the westerners therefore need dual plane surgery when considering the volume and the upper body fat. Additionally, one needs to consider the location where the muscle needs to be divided.

When considering all those stated above, and that most Korean women prefer to use large sized implants compared to their smaller body, dual plane surgery with teardrop type implant is a must. I will call this Dual teardrop augmentation from now on.

Below are images that will help you understand the contents easily. Let’s say that I am putting in the implant above the pectoralis muscle.

Breast augmentation, implants placed above the pectorals muscle

Performing the surgery above the pectorals muscle leads to a problem of being able to feel the implant. The skin the covers the implant is really thin and also when you give strength on your arm the muscle contracts leading to the visibility and the touch-ability of the implant.

For such reasons, the breast does not look natural although you use the teardrop type implant.

Breast augmentation, Implants placed below the pectoral muscle

When the implant is put below the pectoral muscle, the implant gets pushed outwards due to the muscle contraction and with time the two breasts would look far apart.

Dual Plane Breast augmentation surgery

But if the implant is put in the dual plane such as the one in the above image, you will not be able to feel the implant, the breasts would not move apart, and you would not have any upper block on the breast. The image below is the side view.

This type of condition is severe for the oval shaped teardrop type implant as it has 3 dimensional shape when compared to round type implant. This is why you question, "I used teardrop type implant. But why do I have a severe case of upper block? Why do my breasts look far apart? 

Most patients use large size implant compared to their body and also do not perform dual plane breast augmentation.

Let’s summarize. Korean patients are usually thin and have narrow shoulders. Also the tissue that covers the implant would be very thin and tight. If a highly cohesive teardrop type cohesive gel implant is used on such body, the implant would move about even more and cause an upper block and also make the implant feel easily.

At this point of time, there is not better method than performing dual plane surgery on Korean patients who want to use large sized implants for breast augmentation.

Dual plane teardrop breast augmentation KIES-U

This is all for today. Thank you.

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