When can I golf again after the breast augmentation surgery?

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So many people are asking this question. today's posting is the answer,
When can I golf after the breast augmentation surgery?

Let's think about the muscle contraction during the golf swing.

For a right handed golfer, right triceps muscle, trapezius, and various forearm muscles would contract during the back swing. Left arm would just follow, this side muscles would not contract strongly.

Both pectoralis muscles - the directly related muscles with implants - would not contract during back swing.

During down-swing, left triceps and forearm muscles would contract and right pectoralis contract but not strongly.

Unless the golfer is a beginner, both pectoralis will never contract strongly.

So, the possibility of implant rupture by the muscle contractile power during golf swing looks slender.

But golf is not just strength.  The stretch of body can affect the postoperative breasts -  during the swinging movement, the golfer's shoulders and arms can push the implant here and there.

Thinking about it, during back-swing, the left side implant could be squashed by the left upper arm.

After the impact, during follow-thru, right side implant could be squashed by the right upper arm.

But, the pressure is not severe. The pressure severity of golf swing on the implants would not enough to affect the position of them.

One exception is saline implants which already have leakage. A lady pro golfer had taken re-operation surgery 7 years ago because of the ruptured saline bag.

I do not think the swinging power brought the intact saline bag to rupture, but the swing could allow the leakage - by other causes - just faster.

Saline bags are not as sturdy as the cohesive silicone gel bags. If  a pin-point hole on the surface had arisen, then saline would leak out, and the leakage would not stop until it is completely deflated.

But it is nearly impossible for a golf swing movement or muscle contraction for it to break nor move the cohesive gel silicone implant.

When can I golf again after the surgery?

Human body makes a barrier against the silicone implant right after the operation.

The barrier is called capsule. And it takes just a few weeks for the capsule to cover all around the implant. Once the capsule completely surrounds the implant toughly, then it is very difficult to move the implant out of the original position. So you can golf roughly 1 month after the operation.

But it is different from case by case. I recommend you to return to your swing step by step.
One day half swing, and next day more than half swing, ....... and at last, if you think can do that, then full -  swing!
Don't overdo yourself, take your time.

That's it for today, Thanks for reading.
Have a great day.

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