Textured vs Smooth breast implants

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Hi, this is Dr. Lee.

Today my posting is about the textured breast implants versus smooth breast implants.

There are numerous informations about this topic through the internet but it is very difficult for non professional persons to find out an accurate and precise knowledge about that.

This blog is for correcting this informations, and bringing some detailed knowledge about the type of cohesive gel breast implants.

1) Question ; Is the textured implants absolutely contracture-free ?
(an Answer from one of the breast surgery forums) ;  Textured implant's surface prevents capsular contracture, and it 'adhere' to the surface of the human tissue........

(an Answer from a news paper) ; There is tissue ingrowth into the textured implants surface therefore it makes the capsule contracture-free status. 

Good answers but the mentions above have to be corrected.

Scientists presented the Electron microsope photos proving that there are no 'true' human tissue ingrowth into the surface of textured implants.

It just 'look like ' adhered with surroundings because it is rough.

The point is, the weak degree of adherence with textured implants and human tissue cannot prevent the formation of a single linear, hard capsule and cannot prevent the capsular contracture. 

It is hard to say we are using textured implants to prevent the contracture, but we are using it to control the position of the implant by the surface friction.

Briefly, it is relatively predictable and consistent. that is why we use the textured.

2) Then what is the textured implant?

 The electron microscope photo of the 
textured surface (Mentor Siltex)

In fact, textured implants existed very long time - from 1993~1994.

At first, the implant company made the textured surfaces to reduce the contracture rate.

But the effect of contracture reduction was disappointing, because any silicone surface implants cannot avoid formation of the linear, hard capsule.

On the other hand, the Polyurethane covered implants (made by Silimed, Polytech) have been very successful to prevent capsular contracture.

The collagen fiber actively grow into this polyurethane foam and disperse the force of the capsule around the impalnt, therefore minimize the contracture rate.
But it is very pitiful that  this implant is not approved officially in Korea nor in USA. 

Then is the current silicone gel implants are very dangerous? nonetheless, we are using them just there are no other choices?

The answer is no. 

If a surgeon could operate the surgery with appropriate, updated skill and with an optimal previous plan, then the capsular contracture would not be that a big threat. 

Summing up, the textured implants are used not because they reduce contracture, but because they can maintain the stable position within the pocket. 

3) Then what kind of implant do I have to use?

No clear answer sheet for this question. But I recommend textured first. Because I can expect consistency. 
Then what company product is superior? Mentor? Allergan? Silimed? 
No clear answer sheet for this, either.

In my experiences, they are more or less on the same level, and no one is outstanding.

I hope my posting was helpful for whoever seeking detailed, precise informations about breast surgery. 

Thanks. Have a nice day. 

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