Why is the anatomical implant good for breast augmentation?

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Anatomical implant for breast augmentation?
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Most think that this is good because the augmented breasts would look anatomical. Also patients like it because the anatomical implants avoid the upper fullness.

breast augmentation Korea
Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

Actually, in order to answer this question, I need to provide explanation on the relationship between the human body and the implants. Here is the conclusion, first.

Why is the anatomical better than the round type?

It is safe and secure (Form stability)

Anatomical implants are

Maintains stability for a long period of time
There is a lot possibility of implant collapse
Has stable, uniform result in any type of body used

Some like it because the anatomical implant does not lead to upper fullness.
This is true for those patients who are really thin and do not have much shape in the original breast.
However, if you have some amount of volume, there would be not much difference, whether you use the anatomical or the round type.

When the implant goes inside a human body, it’s shape would look differently than that when you place the implant on top of a table.

All types of implants look stable when placed on the table

But, when the implant gets into the body, it does not lie down as such, but remains standing up.

When the implant stands up, the upper part of the implant squeezes down. (Textured implant squeezes less than the smooth round type implant, therefore, as a result, the upper part of your breast would be filled up more with the anatomical type when compared to the round type)

It is wrong to say that the round implant leads to upper fullness always.

But, if you have tight skin and are young and thin, you will have a greater possibility of having the upper fullness.
Your skin presses on the implant, therefore, the original shape of the implant is maintained.

Let’s look at the MRI of the implant that is standing.

Hammond, Aesthetic Breast Surgery, 2009, Saunders, Elsevier

This is a MRI of a patient with 322cc round smooth type cohesive gel implant. The implant is folded and wrinkled. The gravity pulls down the implant therefore, the shape is broken down. Therefore, the round type, although the implant is round shaped, cannot maintain its original shape.
This looks similar to anatomical implant because the patient’s skin tissue presses on the soft implant to make such shape.

As such, the smooth type round implant (from Mentor) seems less full. If you touch it, it is very soft. Such implant loses shape as the breast presses on it. So the shape that is made from the manufacturing plant is not implants, but the original shape of your breast is important when considering the shape after the breast augmentation.

Hammond, Aesthetic Breast Surgery, 2009, Saunders, Elsevier

This is a MRI of a patient with 280cc anatomical implant. The implant maintains its form whether the patient lies down or stands up. There is no fold on the implant as well.

Such textured anatomical implant (from Polytech) looks like it is all filled up. If feels tight and strong when you touch it. The original shape of the breast would not be important in such case as the implant would determine the final shape of the breast after the augmentation.
You will be able to see the result right away of what type of implant you have chosen after the breast augmentation.

Molding form of the anatomical implant (From Mentor). 

There is a textured round type implant as well. The Polytech’s implant is filled up a lot. The implant does not lose the original shape because of the skin tissue but the implant does fold. It maintains its form better than the smooth type but not as much as the anatomical type.

The round type, when standing up, has the balance concentrated 
in the middle, therefore, the balance collapses.

The anatomical has its balance concentrated at the bottom. 
It is stable. The balance does not collapse.

Let’s summarize

If you are very thin and young (in 20’s) then, your breasts would look in the shape of the implants that you use.
If you use the anatomical type, then your breast would look anatomical. If you use the round type, then, your breasts would look round, and there would be upper fullness.
Therefore, whatever the other say about this, using the anatomical implants would make your breasts look more natural.

If you do not have much elasticity, (in 30’s, pregnant, or after giving birth), then there would not be much difference whether you use the anatomical or the smooth type. Your implant folds at the top part, just as you see in the images above.

But, if you lose elasticity in the breast in addition to this, then your breasts loses strength to hold on to the implant. The upper part of the beast would look empty. The anatomical has firm and stable shape therefore, it does not lose its shape whether your skin is elastic or not.

Some doctors perceive that the softness and the breast pressing on the implant leads to natural results therefore, recommend this to the patients.
I think that this is good for the short term, but in the mid to long term, this should not be recommended to the patients because, we saw the folds on the implant in the images above. Such folds lead to friction in the long term and makes the friction point of the implant weak. This weak point could be the reason to the damage on the implant.

Whether an implant is a round type or cohesive gel type, an implant with enough viscosity would be better in terms of durability

Maintains the form for a longer period of time,
Lessens the possibility of implant collapse
Provides stable and uniform result on all types of body

These are the reasons why we use the anatomical type implants.

It is good to use anatomical implants for breast augmentation.

This is all for today. Have a great day.

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