Pain after the breast augmentation _ Inframammary fold

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Q. I have heard that many people suffer from pain after the breast augmentation. Is there no way that you cannot feel any pain?

A. If you do not touch any nerves, then there would be no pain.

What should one do to avoid any pain? This is an obvious answer, but one should not touch the nerves to avoid pain.

Then, what are the parts without nerves? There are no nerves on the subcutaneous fat.
How about the skin? The skin is very sensitive, more so any other part of the body. This is the first barricade that protects our body. But once you penetrate through the skin and get into the subcutaneous fat, one will not be able to feel the pain.

Before, I posted on the above the pectoralis muscle and below the muscle procedures for the breast augmentation. Above the pectoralis muscle means that the surgery is done under the subcutaneous fat. There is no pain when the incision in done here. You would not feel any pain with the sadation in the above the pectoralis muscle breast augmentation.

Then how about the bone? Does a bone have nerves?
Do you know the words “pain from carving your bones”? In oppose to this, there is no nerve in your bones.

The bone does not feel the pain, but the surrounding periosteum does. If you touch the periosteum during the incision, then there would be much pain.

If you look at the image above, you will be able to know why approach from the armpit leads to much pain.
This is approaching the periosteum that surrounds the ribs. The tools used for incision might touch the periosteum surrounding the ribs. Therefore, there is much pain when approaching from the armpit.

Of course, you can avoid pain when approaching from the armpit with the usage of the endoscope and investing much time in the surgery. However, the inframammary fold leads to least pain. There is no possibility of touch the periosteum when approaching from the inframammary fold therefore, this method is the most ideal one for a surgery without pain.

Another important point is,
That the bleeding and the pain are related to one another. The blood vessels and the nerves are usually together. So if there is much bleeding then one must have touched the nerves a lot as well. If there is no bleeding then there is no pain.

This image shows the perforator. A method that makes it easy to see these perforator is the approach from the inframammary fold. It is difficult to see these perforators with other methods. If you cannot see somethings properly then this means that there is much chance of bleeding as well.

When we approach from the inframammary fold, we are able to see the location of the blood vessels, therefore, we can avoid the bleeding and minimize the pain caused.
Now, I am sure that you will know that method leads to least pain.

Inframammary fold leads to least pain as there is less chance of irritating the periosteum. The incision does not irritate the periosteum when you approach from the inframammary fold. Look at the image for better understanding.
One cannot avoid irritating the periosteum when approaching from the armpit. The curve from the ribs and the breastbone leads to high chances of touching the periosteum. When the incision is done on the areola, you can avoid irritating the periosteum however, one’s visual gets limited as you approach the inner parts, therefore this cannot be less painful than the inframammary fold incision.

Whatever incision method you use, above the pectoralis muscle, i.e. below the subcutaneous fat incision leads to least or no pain. When the surgery is done through the belly button, the patient cannot feel any pain because the incision is done above the pectoralis muscle. Many say that the incision on the armpit leads to much pain, but the same on above the pectoralis muscle leads to no pain.

However, above the pectoralis muscle method should be well considered when applying for those patients who are really thin. An implant is a foreign substance to the body, therefore such foreign substance needs to be completely covered up when put into the body.

The above the pectoralis muscle means that there is not much skin covering the implant therefore the implant can be seen from outside over time.

Today, we looked at why the inframammary fold incision leads to least pain.
Another important fact is that the surgeon with much experience in inframammary fold incision needs to conduct the surgery to result in less or no pain. There can be much bleeding the pain if the surgeon is not experienced.

Take care and thank you for reading.

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  1. Hi, Nice post, The Inframammary breast Implants starts with making an incision under the breast. The surgeon selects the optimum location to place the incision, which is under the breast and close to the inframammary fold.


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