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Should you use anatomical implant or the round implant?
The answer to this differs from a doctor to a doctor and even the hospitals.
There is no 100% correct answer, so the patients think the implants are chosen based on preference.

I have used anatomical implant for the past 5 years, and used round type and saline type from earlier period. I cannot exactly say that anatomical and the round type lead to differently shaped breasts, but I can say that there is a certain situation when the anatomical type must be used.

This has been agreed by many doctors.

1. When the patient wants a natural look (and if she likes anatomical type a lot)

Dr. Bronze took x-rays of anatomical and round type implants placed above the pectoralis muscle and showed them to many doctors. The doctors who saw the photos could not find any differences between the two.

This means that the doctors cannot distinguish the anatomical implant from round implant. This is the same for me as well. I cannot know whether the patient used anatomical or not even though I conducted the procedure
At times I think that it would be better to use anatomical implants on those patients who have small orginal breasts and used round type implants for breast augmentation. The augmented breasts look unnatural.

Anyways, in most of the time, the patient gets to decide on what type of implant she wants to use. If she prefers to use the anatomical type implant, we do not necessary feel that we try to change her mind.

2. Constricted breasts ; 

I have shared on this in the past. Constricted breasts are usually when the area from the nipple to the bottom of the breast is very tightly close together.
In order to put volume onto such breasts, there must be much tension on the bottom part so that the skin in that area can stretch out easily. For this to happen, anatomical implant would be useful.

You can refer to more information on this by clicking on the link below.

3. Thorax hypoplasty

If there is no proper or clear ratio of the upper body, and if your original breasts are not shaped right, anatomical implants would be recommended.
If you have a Poland syndrome where one side of the thorax looks lower than the other, anatomical implant with larger size can be inserted to the lower side.

4. Breast ptosis or sagging

In case of sagging of the mammary glands, what is the best implant to use when wanting to avoid Mastopexy (lifting)? An implant with stability would be good. An implant that does not collapse and maintain its form would lead to high level of satisfaction. Anatomical is more stable compared to round type, so there are many who prefer the anatomical implant. Also, if we select tall anatomical implant, it would help add more volume on the upper breast as well.

Current trend is that there is no one appropriate implant for all causes. Different implants are used for different situations. Therefore, it is wrong to say that anatomical implant is good for everything. But I have shared cases where anatomical could be more effective in usage.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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