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Breast Augmentation Korea. Let’s find out about how it feels

There are many who question about how the breasts feel after the breast augmentation in Korea. “What is the best method that makes the breasts feel good?” Patients want their breasts to be as natural as possible.

But it is really difficult to find information on how the breasts feel. The sense of touch is very objective from one person to another therefore there are various opinions such as “@@@ thinks that the breasts feel good”, “XXX does not think that the breasts feel good.”

Today I would like to share about how the breasts feel when you touch them after the breast augmentation. I would like to share how you can judge if the breasts feel good or not.

First, I think it is appropriate to share what is the worse sense of touch that you can feel. This, as all of you know, is when there is capsular contracture.

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What is capsular contracture? Capsular contracture happens when the wound inside becomes stiff or contracts forming capsule.

The most famous one, Baker contracture is as below.

Grade 1 ; Normal
Grade 2 ; A little stiff/hard
Grade 3 ; Feels stiff/hard and the shape changes
Grade 4 ; Feels very stiff/hard, shape changes, and there is pain

But such expressions as “little”, ”stiff”, “very” do not have much meaning because most patients who get breast augmentation would be first-timers therefore they would not be able to judge if the breasts are little stiff or not. The doctor needs to judge this.

“Stiff/hard” means that the implant inside does not move about but stays at a solid position. When you touch the breast and feel that it is really hard, you will know that the implant does not move but stays at that particular spot. You can feel this when you grab the breast or push it to one side.
“Resistance to movement” would be the first characteristic of the breast that feels bad.

Second is the ‘feeling of irritation’ from foreign substance. When you touch the breast, you do not feel the fat but feel something inside. Such would not be satisfactory. The foreign substance can be felt well when you grab the breast.

The breast that does not feel good is one with no movement and feeling of the foreign substance. Actually, you can feel something insider the breast after the augmentation. But if this feels too much, then the person touching it may feel irritated. This is what we call “feeling of irritation”. 

In oppose, “the breasts that feel great” have some movement to any direction and there is no feeling of foreign substance inside the breasts. What is the movement is really severe?
Let’s say that you push the breast to one side and the implant inside moves close to the collarbone or even to the stomach. We cannot say that this is good. “Appropriate movement” is important.

Such “appropriate movement” can happen when there is no capsular contracture. First of all, it is important that the surgeon makes good sized pocket for the implant. If the implant size is that of your first, then you would need to have a pocket that your fist can fit it. The implant would look like it is trapped inside that pocket and it would feel unnatural when you touch it. This cannot be corrected in the long term as well.

What if the pocket size is larger than you fist? The implant would move around here and there. You would be able to notice such active movement.

Appropriate size of the implant requires certain area space but it should be just right for the implant. This would result in the breast feeling good.

But this is not simple. The skin tension surrounding the implant differs from one person to another. This is like wearing a dress that does not stretch at all and wearing a wool shirt. The same doctor uses the same method to put in the implant to the pocket on two different patients. You might think that the result on both patients would be the same but this is not the case. Each patient has different skin tension.

We can check on this in the doctor’s room. We can how much stretch ability and elasticity your skin has. It is not 100% accurate but we can know how tight the skin is.

As the image above, we pull on the nipple to see how much movement there is. If it gets pulled easily, there is less elasticity. In such case, your breast would feel very soft no matter what type of implant you use.

If the nipple does not get pulled, there is no stretching but much elasticity. The implant used on such breast would be positioned solid without any movement and it would not feel soft also.

We also need to consider the characteristics of the implant. If the gel charge rate is high and the shell is thick, the implant would feel hard. If the gel charge rate is low and the shell is thin, the implant would feel soft. 

Implant itself is not the only cause of how your breasts feel after the breast augmentation. There are various reasons combined together that lead to the outcome. 

Most ‘soft’ implants have less form stability. This could make your breasts sag. The shell of the implant is thin as well therefore there is high possibility of implant collapse.

The most important factor is making your breasts feel soft is the ratio of your breast tissue cells. If the area of the implant is larger than that of your original breast tissue , you would feel the foreign substance more resulting in less natural feel. If the original breast tissues are thick and implant small, you would have more natural feeling of touch.

In the image above, each alphabet represents a measurement; P (Thickness of original breast tissue cells) ,  I (Thickness of the implant).  F (feeling)

If the thickness of the breast tissue cells is greater, your breast would feel more natural. If the implant thickness is greater, then this natural feel would be worse.

All implants from all manufacturers are made of silicone. It is not part of your body, but it is made in a factory. The implant cannot be felt like your body skin. Therefore if your skin covers up the implant as much as possible, then your breast would feel as natural as possible.

If your original breasts are small with less fact, then you would be better off to use small sized implant for natural feel. But if you have large original breasts and use large sized implants, you still would have augmented breasts that feel natural. Therefore, when you are choosing the size of the implants, it is better to choose small ones if you have small original breasts.

Let’s summarize,
There are 2 factors to how your augmented breasts feel; (1) Appropriate movement of the implant (2) No sense/irritation of foreign substance.

In order to have much movement, there needs to be low level of skin tension (if the tension is too low, the breasts would be those that of old woman). The shell thickness of the implant must be thin and the charge rate has to be low (if the shell is too thin then it could result in implant collapse). The most important one is the “appropriate movement”.

If you want the breasts to feel natural, then the implant size should not be too large compared to the original breast skin.

This is all for today. Thank you for reading.

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