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We have shared about many problems related to breast augmentation but I don’t think that there were any proper explanations on symmastia(uniboob). Today, I would like to share contents on symmastia.

- What is symmastia?
; It refers to the condition where the breasts are too close together.

Then why does this happen? This happens when the fascia separating the two breasts collapses. The skin that divides the breasts cannot hold on but lifts upwards. So this division skin part is the important factor that we consider in symmastia(uniboob). The implant can also move from one side to another of the mid-line. This happens when the mid fascia of the chest collapses.

As the image above, your breasts may not look like there are close together but if you push the inner fold inwards, you might notice the problem.

In a severe case of symmastia, the implant might cross the mid-point and go to the opposite end. We can check how severe the symmastia is by measuring how much the mid-line is lifted upwards from the bottom side.

- What is the cause?

This happens when the surgeon dissect the inner part too much. If the part connecting the pectoralis muscle and the breast bone is removed a lot and dissected, the film in the middle gets disconnected and the division part disappears. 

There are some cases of symmatia without such dissection. Such can happen to those with funnel breasts or if the implants are too big.

- What is a common cause of synmatia?

According to Dr. Spear’s research, symmatia is common among those who got breast augmentation with implant located below the pectoralis muscle, if the patient got multiple breast augmentations, if the implant size is too large (400cc or larger), if there is some problem on the breast bone or if the patient received breast augmentation and saggy breast surgery simultaneously.

- How can we prevent or treat symmatia?

We need to avoid the means of the causes stated above. When dissecting, there needs to be as much skin tissue left on the inside. You should not get multiple breast augmentation surgeries. You should avoid using large sized implants, etc.

Symmatia results in follow-up surgeries. We need to dissect into a new spot which is above the original spot and make a new plane. The new smaller implant will be placed on this new plane. Although the facsia dividing in the mid-point is damaged, the new capsule formed holds on strongly into the surrounding skin tissue therefore this could be used as the new dividing film. If this does not work out, we need to make a new capsule by lifting up the skin, but this method is highly difficult.

There are many who wish that their breasts do not look too far apart. There is a simple solution for separated breasts by controlling the dissection size, but the breasts that are too close together is very difficult to work on. Therefore those with funnel breasts and those who are thin should avoid large sized implants.

This is all for today. Thank you very much.

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