Short nose (upturned nose, piggy nose) correction

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Structural nose surgery – Short nose (upturned nose, piggy nose) correction

Correcting a short nose can be looked at as a very important nose surgery.
Many Koreans do this and there are many inflammation, contracture, and other problems in the first surgery therefore there are much needed solution to eh short nose in the re-surgeries.

Short nose can also be called a upturned nose or a piggy nose. It refers to the short distance between the nasion and the nose tip, but each person has different face length so there is no absolute standard. One can call a short nose is the ratio of the length of the nose is short compared to the height. Also, a distinction of the short nose is that the nose has sharp edge on philtrum-nose pillar.

Short nose correction involves primary and secondary surgeries that have different methodology and interest.
The primary surgery involves normal short nose surgery. The most common method is lengthening transplant between the cartilage (nasal septum cartilage is mostly used)

The distance between the cartilages needs to be longer so that the cartilage on top and bottom can be turned around. This involves ‘pushing’ transplantation (ear cartilage is used).
These are the two methods.

The secondary is similar in methodology but the nose is contracted.
The reaction towards the outer substance leads to severe scar tissue that contracts the nose leading to a short nose.

The desquamation of such scar tissue and contraction is mandatory in the secondary surgery. A good desquamation then is followed up by extension transplant and/or pushing transplant.

Extending the cartilage is important however, the skin must be extended as well. In order to do so, a splint is used.
Today, I posted on the nose surgery. Short nose, upturned nose, piggy nose correction. Thank you for reading. Have a good evening.

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