Non-incision Ptosis Correction - Eyelid surgery Korea

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No-line Ptosis Correction - Eyelid surgery Korea

Today’s post in on the no-line ptosis correction. It is also called nonincisional ptosis correction.

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People talk about the double eye lid surgery, or eye surgery in general but they are not satisfied with the double eyelids.

KIES-U Plastic Surgery Korea

People want the eyes to be cosmetically good, but we have two eyes therefore we need to solve asymmetric problem, provide solution to loss of strength in opening the eyes, can remove the skin on the eyes if the double eyelid covers the eyes too much. If there are too much Mongolian wrinkles then the wrinkles need to be removed and the double eyelid needs to be made. All these must be balanced out in order for the patient to have much satisfaction.

Therefore, eye surgery is not easy. It may look simple but it is very complicated, dynamic, and fluid. If you want a good outcome from the eye surgery, you need to know what the problem is. Then, you would have realistic expectation on the result.
Ptosis correction involves strengthening the opening of the eyes by pulling the muscle-tendon unit of the eyes by contraction or pull.

KIES-U Plastic Surgery Korea

There were many problems with this stage in the past.
The muscle – tendon unit is very deep insider the body therefore desquamation can lead to hurting of the other parts of the body. Also the unexpected over-formation of the scar or wound after the surgery makes the shape come out unexpectedly as well.
So the doctors thought and came up with more simple and quick procedure, no-line ptosis correction.

This does not involve cutting of the skin but folding the muscle-tendon involved in the opening of the eyes. This helps the contraction of superioris muscle.

KIES-U Plastic Surgery Korea

Why apply on the back side and not in the front?
There are many skin cell tissues at the front sider. The fat, orbicular muscle, etc that loosen up easily when tied together.
But the backside of the eyelid has Muller’s Muscle and superioris muscle that helps tying up more effectively.

No-line ptosis correction has very effective recovery time period, swelling, and others.
If there are other reasons apart from superioris muscle-tendon, then one must also dissect the skin on the eyelid therefore the ptosis correction would also involve dissection. And, if you have surgery in the past and you still have a lot of scar tissue, then you would need to open up this part and get the ptosis correction.

Today, we looked into no-lint ptosis correction.
Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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