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Application of structural nose surgery (diced cartilage)

I explained on the overall concept of the structural nose surgery last time. Today, I would like to share on how the structural nose surgery can be applied to different noses.
When conducting a structural nose surgery, one needs to consider physiological status of the nose, the harmless effect on the skin tissue, and minimized damage on the skin and the tissue.
Let’s compare the nose to a building. When you construct a building, the priority is to build it safely therefore the groundwork foundation of the building should be strong and you also should use the right materials so that the building stays up for a long time.

If you want just a fancy building and do not focus on the basics or the fundamentals, then this could lead to an accident.
Let’s say you want to fix the 매부리코. You want to have this done quick then one would need to grind the nose then place the implant on top with cartilage or derma at the nose tip.

Korea nose surgery

One must use the patient’s skin or tissue in structural nose surgery.
If you took off the cartilage or the bone from the hump, then this should be diced and used to make the nose tip or the nasion higher.
If you need more cartilage, then the cartilage and the dermal grind from the ear can be used and applied on the necessary part. This would help avoid any confusion in the blood circulation or the thinning of the nose skin that could make the inner side visible.

rhinoplasty korea

Using the structural graft (cartilage, dermal) to make the nose ridge higher
Also, you may think that the nose is very much like the original one.
There are many perceptions on the nose surgery including a negative one. The first reason for this is the silicone implants is too widely used. If it is easy to make out that you had a nose surgery then this means that people who look at you might not all have a positive perception on you.

There are times when the implant is necessary (for ex: when you need large amount of your own skin tissue, but you cannot find more), however, if you aren’t in such a situation, you should try not to use the implant.

We use the diced cartilage because it has longer durability than the lump of cartilage and also because we do not want the cartilage to damage the skin or surrounding tissue.

Easier explanation can be provide with the image of kimbab below.

There are many methods that can be applied on the nose surgery and there are many new methods that are tried today as well. However, the biggest principle does not change.

The principle that the surgery should be structurally safe and the safe environment should be maintained. The physiological balance on the nose should be maintained. These are the principles.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day.

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