Why nose looks crooked after rhinoplasty?

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Reasons for crooked nose after rhinoplasty

Many feel that the nose is crooked after the nose surgery.
First thing that you need to know before I start on explaining anything is that nobody has a straight nose. A person has different left and right sides of the face.
This becomes much clear if the silicone implant is used for the nose.

Rhinoplasty Korea KIES-U

As you can see in the image above, the midline of the face does not align properly with the midpoint of the nose. There are many situations where the nose is not symmetric with the face.

Rhinoplasty Korea KIES-U

The most common situation is when the silicone implant is placed on top making the bone itself not flat but the surface leaning to one side. At first, it does not look so, but as time passes by, the implant changes its shape according to the shape of the nose and starts to lean to one side. During the nose surgery, one needs to find this leaned side properly and smoothen the bone to place the implant. The nose should not be made to tall or high.

Rhinoplasty Korea KIES-U

The bone does not look crooked in the upper image but the cartilage and other framework acting structures are bent or crooked. There are many times where the midline of the nose shapes as ‘S’. In such case, one must correct the bent nose then placing the implant.
If the nose ridge is not too low, then you do not need to use the implant.

Rhinoplasty Korea KIES-U

There are times where the fibula, upper cartilage, cartilage alaris all bend. A lot of effort must be put in if you want to nose to be set straight and tall.
The nose bone must be broken and shaped straight aligning with the midline and use implant to correct and fix the shape.

One of the characteristics of an implant is that it does not mix well with the human body or fat therefore the implant stays separated. If the implant is crooked even by a little, it will be very noticeable from the outside.

If you have a severe case of crooked nose and want to make the nose higher, the result may end up as worsening case of the crooked nose. Also, the implant is separated from the skin and can be noticed easily, therefore, if you have a bad case of a crooked nose, it would be better to use other methods such as filler or dermal fat graft instead of using implant.

This is all for today. Thank you for reading. Have a great day.

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