Breast augmentation for flight attendants (cabin crew)

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Are breast implants safe for flight attendants (cabin crew)?

Somethings about breast augmentation and going on flights

Few years ago there was a very noisy, I do not know if you have seen many of these related articles. (An international flight interviewer touched the interviewee who had a breast augmentation)

Touched flight attendant (cabin crew) applicant’s breasts … Controversy on recruitment 
A spokesperson from 000000 Airline stated “We already explained and received an agreement from the applicant for the body inspection. When a flight attendant (cabin crew) with breast implants get on plane, health related problem can be caused due to the low pressure. This is why we touch and feel the breasts.” “Also, our country has religious restriction on as to having tattoo on the body.” (Yunhap News)(Herald Economics)

This was a very ridiculous story. If the news agency accurately translated what the airline spokesperson said, then this is something that should have not happened.
It might have been a different story if they were selecting a pilot for a space ship.

An international flight normally flies at a height of 10,000 ~ 11,000 meters above ground level and the pressurization system within the airplane maintains the pressure that of 3,000 ~4,000 meters above ground. Therefore, the flight attendants would feel the pressure that of Baekdu mountain. It is difficult to understand that a silicone gel implant would collapse at this pressure level. It would be a different story if these flight attendants were in a space station. The offender of this sexual harassment event is giving a real stupid excuse.

There are virtually zero number of patients who worry about implant collapse in the airplane. They are aware that the airplanes have double or even triple layers of security system and the environment in the airline is not that different from that of the ground. Most patients are worried only about going back to their usual lifestyle after the breast augmentation.

-      I am a flight attendant (cabin crew), how many days do I need before getting back to work?

This is a source that we use in order to find out 
the recovery period according to different occupation.

A flight attendant (cabin crew) is an occupation that faces a lot of face to face encounter with the customers therefore, requires high level of labor and also long recovery period.
Many patients go through much concerns after the breast augmentation therefore, they tend to take long vacation days off work. But hard labor occupations such as flight attendant(cabin crew) do not need to take much recovery period. 3 days are enough to get back to work.

But, if you have a double eyelid cosmetic surgery, it would be different. You would not be able to work with swollen eyes. There are many types of eye related cosmetic surgery, but 7 days are enough for recovery.

Also, there are many who are concerned about how to manage the recovery, what happens to the body after the cosmetic surgery, and what they need to do. I would like to introduce an instruction sheet for breast augmentation recovery that we use at our clinic.

Things to do on the first day after Breast augmentation surgery

Wake up, have breakfast, and then take the medication for the pain.
Take shower with warm water and also wash your hair.
Try driving, put on the seat belt, and also try closing the car door by yourself. It is important that you try to get back into daily routine and getting used to it. 
Take an afternoon nap if you can. Do not take a long nap but try again to move about your body. The more you move, the better you would feel about your body. If you do not move much, you will not feel good. 
As your day ends, you might feel that your body has swollen, but this is natural.
You might feel pain on the ribs and back. This is caused by the body fluid that is moving circulating. The pain would go away in about a week. 
It is not good to have your shoulders bent. Keep your shoulders straight and move them forwards and backwards. Get your shoulders relaxed. 
If the pain gets worse, take one more pill of the painkiller.

Things to do on the first day after the Breast augmentation surgery

You can go back home 2 hours after the breast augmentation. Take a nap for two hours once you get home and move about right away. (Get help from your family members or friends)
Try eating something. You will not feel sick or throw up when you eat 3~4 hours after the surgery. 
If you feel sick, you need to eat and drink better. Take the medication (painkiller) that has been prescribed. 
Exercise by raising your arms above the head. The more you do this, the better you would feel. Try doing house chore such as washing dishes, cooking and cleaning the house.
Attention!! It is better to move about and try to do something rather than just doing nothing after the surgery. (To prevent capsular contracture)
If you feel comfortable in moving your body, take shower, wash your hair, and dry your hair with the dryer. Call your friend and meet him/her outside somewhere, get some food and go shopping.
Lie on your chest for about 15 min before going to bed. Try this every day until you feel comfortable with it. It will be difficult for you when you try getting up from the bed. Turn your body slowly, sit up, and then stand up from the bed. Get up from your bed in this order.
Take medication before going to bed.

Patients of breast augmentation need to know that they need to move about a lot purposely to recover. If you have no problems with the body before and during the breast augmentation then you would be able to do – cleaning, laundry, washing dishes, cooking, driving, shopping, showering, moving things around the house, etc – within 24 hours.

One cannot say that you will not feel any pain. Total of 500 ~ 6000 gram substance has been put into your body just about an hour ago, therefore, if you do not feel any pain, then you are not feeling normal.

However this pain should not keep you away from your daily routine and should not restrict you from economic or daily activities. The more you move, the shorter the recovery period would take, and also lower the possibility of capsular contracture or any other side effects.

This is the overall concept of “breast augmentation 24 hour recovery.”

The 24 hour recovery system of breast augmentation has been introduced by a world renowned John B. Tebbetts from US and our clinic also follows such recent guideline. Putting 피주머니 and wrapping around with bandage, getting painkilling shots, using correction bra, and massaging are all old stories now.

A good breast augmentation would lead to the patient going home 2 hours after the surgery, and having her get back to daily life.

A good breast augmentation does not need any massaging or any activity that leads to pain. The patient does not need to come back to the hospital unless it’s only for a checkup. One does not need any treatment for the wounds as well.

Inflammatory fold method leads to quick recovery, but one can also recover within 24 hours with the axillary crease surgery.

-       Can I get on the airplane on the same day of the breast augmentation?

Yes, of course, you can get on the airplane on the same day of the surgery.
The flight attendants (Cabin crew) with the breast augmentation can get back to work within 3 days of the surgery.

If you need to go on the business trip abroad, you can leave on the day of the surgery but should come back to the clinic for a check-up.

There are many who are concerned about the pain. 3~4 pills of the painkillers would be fine for you. The pain would go one for about 7 days but the pain would not restrict you from doing any daily routine activities. If you need to do hard labor work, then schedule it for 7 days after the breast augmentation.

Looking at the status on the same day of the breast augmentation

Today, we looked at the flight attendants (cabin crew) with breast augmentation. The same applies to those who often go on business trips abroad and those patients who come to Korea from abroad by airplanes.

Have a great day and thank you for reading.

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