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Rhinoplasty revision surgery [KIES-U Korea]

There is a common misperception of nose surgery(rhinoplasty), that nose job = silicone implant.
Rhinoplasty started in the western countries in order to reduce the size of the big noses. Also the techniques advanced in order to bring back the shape of the damaged nose, bent nose and long nose.

As the correction moves to the eastern part of the globe, the purpose changed from that of the western countries. Easterners could not change their low, small, short noses without the help of the implants therefore, there were many types of implants developed.

But an implant is just a small part of the nose surgery. It is impossible to have a rhinoplasty with just an implant.
Nose bone with strong surface that needs much volume requires implant, but as we get closer to the nose tip, there is much fat and tissue, making the nose more flexible so putting an implant on top of the nose caused various problems.

This is the most serious problem that I have faced when conducting nose surgery procedures.

If you try to do something simply with just the implant, you would have to do the revision rhinoplasty in the near future.

Clinics have taken advantage of this from the patients who want to save money and want to have a quick, simple nose correction.

If this trend continues, then there will be a lot more revision rhinoplasty than that of now.

The situations and the reasons of needing rhinoplasty revision on the nose are as below.

Bending of the implant
Asymmetric dissection area
Can see the edge
Implant that does not fit in properly
Tip of the nose dropping down
Implant pressing on the cartilage on the tip of the nose
 Implant sticking out
Implant moving to another location
Nose infection
Blood circulation problem / bleeding / damaged tissue
 Awkward shape of nose hole and nose tip
Pressing on the nose tip / damaged cartilage
 Too high or too low nose
Problems with selecting implant or cartilage carving 
 Implant moving too much
Excessive dissection and unfitting implant
 Short structure
Infection or bleeding
 Uneven size of the nose holes
Scar or other problems caused by dissection

The most important principle in plastic surgery is to have a good result at the end by using the tissue cell of same quality as the original. Stiff shaped medical silicone may act similar to the nose bone, but it cannot act as the cartilage at the tip of the nose.

Therefore, we must find other methods such as tying the cartilage and the fat at the tip of the nose, or removing it, or getting cartilage from some other part of the body and transplanting it.

There is another misunderstanding that I would like to write about. Many think that the side-effect of nose correction is caused by the silicone. This is false also.
Silicone cannot be the only method for nose surgery.
Also it is wrong to think that all the side-effects are caused by silicone.
We have a lot of development in medical techniques however this would not have been possible if we did not have silicone. Silicone is an essential material in cosmetic surgery.
There would not be any side-effects if the silicone is positioned at the exact location and dissected with appropriate technique.

All materials such as silicone, gore-tex, nasal septum cartilage, ear cartilage, costal cartilage, artificial bone, artificial skin must be properly located at the place of its usage. This is another principle in nose correction.

The core of nose surgery is on the nose tip. Nose tip is located at the highest point of the nose line, and is a point where blood circulation is difficult and with the highest possibility of side-effects. This is more likely if you do a re-surgery. So, it is important that the cartilage at the tip of the nose is not pressed upon and maintain its shape when doing a rhinoplasty.

I hope that this post helps out those who are thinking about nose correction.
Have a nice day. Thank you.

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  1. Thanks for this information. To have a best goretex rhinoplasty, you should have a good surgeon to do the job and also to educate you about the procedure.


  2. I have my consultation in 3days! I am so excited. I have never liked my nose. When I was 16 I had gotten rhinoplasty before but this surgeon did it for free while getting devated septum fixed
    Neha verma

  3. The best candidates for rhinoplasty are people who are looking for improvement, not perfection, in the way they look

  4. Rhinoplasty is surgery to reshape the here

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  7. Hii,Nice posting I really like the Good Result for Before and After Rhinoplasty Surgery. Thanks for sharing your details of whole Rhinoplasty procedures.


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