Can I get an incision through the armpit for anatomical implant?

8:49 AM

Question ; I want breast augmentation with anatomical implant through the armpit. is it possible?

Answer ; It is possible. But not for every patient, not by every surgeon. It can be done for selected patients and done by qualified surgeons.

The anatomical implants are designed  to have orientation and direction. The lower part is thick and upper part is thin. That nature makes it easy to insert them through the lower part of the breast, but difficult to insert through the upper part. 

I think we had better review the  pros and cons with the incision approaches.

The operation time is delayed when the incision is armpit because, it has no visual and the endoscopy is always needed.

Both surgeons and patients are worried about the rotation problem with the anatomical implant inserted through the  armpit.

Anatomical implants have embossing on its center part, so the surgeons can just see that to confirm the position when the approach was areola or under breast line.
But when it is armpit, surgeons cannot see that.
So they just grope for the embossing of the anatomical implants.

There is no way to 'confirm' that it is not rotated.
And we don't have enough data for the rate of rotation of tear drop implants after the armpit breast augmentation surgery. (on the other hand, numerous data are available for under breast line approach surgery and the rate of rotation.)

If the breast shape is normal, not ptotic, not constricted, and no other bad condition, a qualified surgeon can do it (armpit surgery) very successfully.

So armpit anatomical implant insertion technique is possilbe, but the first choice is, under breast line incision.

That's it for today.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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