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Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

There are some amazing things that I hear from the patients.

There are many who make final decision by generally thinking that something would lead to a particular result. But in reality, when we conduct a surgery, the outcome is different from what we thought prior to it. Therefore many of these patients get disappointed and require correction.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

There are many of such cases, but today, I would like to focus on this one question, “do the shoulders look broader after breast augmentation?” Then answer is “no”.

But there are those who say “I have narrow shoulders and would like to have them broad”. This is possible in some cases.

First, we need to look at the physical structure of the body, carefully.

If you have broad shoulders and the body gets narrower as we go down lower the upper body, i.e. shaped like an inverted triangle, then your lower breasts might look positioned outwards after the augmentation (although you use small sized implants).

If you have a straight body from the shoulders down to the waist, then the implant would not look like it sticks outwards after the augmentation (even though you use large sized implants).

If the two nipples are distant apart compared to the width of your upper body, then the implants will look like they are sticking outwards (this will look more outwards with the usage of larger implants).

In opposite, if the distance between the two nipples is close then the implants would not look like they are sticking outwards no matter how large they are.

Analyzing how your body structure by yourself is not a difficult thing to do. Every person looks at her body often. But, each person is not subjective in this matter. This is why talking to a doctor is necessary. If I tell the patient that she has a certain body shape, 90% of the time the patients are surprised about it.

For example,

-  I want a large sized implant.
 - Why are you so obsessed with the size?
Such situation would require long communication before the patient understands it.
- One of the goals is to make the upper body look broad.
- Why do you want to make it look broad?
- My shoulders would look wider making my face look smaller. Also, my pelvis look too wide, which I do not like and I want that covered up as well....

No matter how large an implant you use, most of the time, your breasts would not look larger after the breast augmentation.

This is why analyzing your body is important. The doctor not only performs his/her skills but judges the patient status, recommends different methods accordingly, and explains the expected outcome.

If the patient is pessimistic without any reasons, then we tell her not to be pessimistic and explain the whole situation but if it is the opposite case, we as doctors need to show them the reality so that the patients do not have too much expectation.

Today, I shared on one of the topics that the patients question a lot when I meet them.

Thank you for reading.

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