How do the augmented breasts change after giving birth?

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Q&A on breast augmentation

How do the augmented breasts change after giving birth?

I would like to answer on the title of this post.

The answer to this question is that the breasts will sag whether you give birth or not. The sagging breasts cannot be avoided by anyone.

The sagging breasts happen to even those who do not get breast augmentation after giving birth and this is natural to those with breast augmentation as well.

How about the degree of sagging? This is something impossible to measure.
The degree of sagging differs from one person to another.

It is alright to think that one with breast augmentation cannot avoid the sagging as a person with naturally big breasts cannot avoid sagging as well.

Then comes another question in mind. I got a breast augmentation before marriage.

Do I need to get another one (example, breast correction) after giving birth-breast feeding?

This is a really difficult question to answer. It is difficult because one cannot estimate how severe the sagging would be so that the breast correction is necessary.

Let’s think about the process of breastfeeding. You tend to gain weight when you are pregnant. Nobody loses weight during pregnancy. Hormone secretion takes place for breastfeeding and tissue cells develop as well. The fat cells also increase. The skin also extends due to this increase in volume.

The first breast milk comes out after giving birth. The breasts change according to what is good for breastfeeding. After the breastfeeding is complete, the milk gets dried and the tissue cells contract that leads to the loss of weight. The fat tissues also contract. The skin that extended, contracts in a very short period of time.

The skin loses elasticity because of this extension and contraction. The skin gets wrinkled in a severe case. The ligaments that hold up the breasts also extend and contract losing elasticity and therefore leading to sagging breasts.
This makes the upper breasts look small.

In summary, your breasts change in the following way after giving birth and breastfeeding.

1) Loss of skin elasticity
2) Sagging breasts (nipples are positioned lower)
3) Loss of volume in the upper breasts

The three points stated above are applicable to everyone, but the degree is different.

Some people have a severe loss of skin elasticity, some not.
Some people have a sever case of sagging breasts, and some do not.
Some people lose a lot of volume on the upper breasts but some look less.

But these changes are all subjective therefore people take the severeness differently, such as “my breasts are sagging this this much”.

There are those who lose and gain a lot of weight before and after giving birth. There are those who suffer much change in the breasts. There are those who suffer less. we cannot estimate the degree of these changes.

The patients who suffer severe change in the breasts may need a correction surgery for the sagging breasts. However, if the patient already had a breast augmentation and the implants somehow support much of the loss in elasticity, she may not need a correction. If you do not suffer much from such problems, then you might not need to have much interest about the correction surgery or what happens to your breasts.

Although we cannot estimate exactly what happens, we may be able to have an idea about what could happen.

If you have large original breasts, and have a lot of fat tissues on the upper body, you will suffer severe case of sagging breasts after giving birth-breastfeeding.

If you are one who had small sized breasts before augmentation and had less fat tissues, then you will not suffer a severe case of sagging breasts.

This is what happens.

I have large breasts and I plan to have a baby next year. When do you think it would be good for me to get the breast augmentation?
I would answer “give birth to the baby first, finish off the breastfeeding, and then come again”.

I have small breasts. People say that I am flat. I don’t know when I will have a baby but I will at some time in the future.
If you are in a similar situation, I would tell you to get the breast augmentation without any hesitation.

But, these are some typical situations. These typical situations do not rise in clinical testings.

My breasts are reasonably sized. I am going to get married soon and have a baby soon after. But, I do not know exactly when.
In such case, we would have to wait upon the necessity of breast augmentation and decide on it.

Breast augmentation is conducted due to cosmetic reasons. If you have a complex on your looks then you need it.

If you are in doubt, “Do I really need it?”, then it is better that you don’t get it done.

You cannot foresee the future and make decision for it, therefore, if you want to get the breast augmentation, then you should go ahead.

There are some who ask if only the skin sags and not the implant. This is applicable if the breast augmentation is done below the pectoralis muscle and capsular contracture is caused making the epithelium too strong. But if an appropriately thick and strong epithelium is formed with dual plane procedure, such incident is less likely.

In any case, what is certain is that the implant does not interfere with the breast in any way when considering giving birth and breastfeeding. There were many who questioned that silicone could pollute the mother’s milk but now this is not the case. We can think that it is medically safe.

Today, we looked at what happens to the augmented breasts after giving birth. Thank you for reading.

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