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Implant for breast augmentation

“What is the best implant? I heard that OOOO brand is good…”

I get such questions a lot from the patients. The answer is that there is no such one. There is “an implant that is the best one for me”.

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In the past, implant selection was just a part of the process in breast augmentation, but now there are many implants with import certification / license which make the patients more difficult to choose. it is similar to going to a mart or CVS and trying to buy something from a variety of choices.

I don’t know if you know this, but the relationship between a product and a consumer starts off by the consumer selecting that product. However, in this capitalist era, the manufacturers and the distribution channels decide on the product, information sharing, logistics and distribution.

Such manufacturers and the distribution channels are influencing the consumer choices a lot. In truth, there is no fairness between supply and demand (because there is more information on the supply side).

I want to buy a can of coffee, but there are just too many similar products to choose from on the shelf. It just gives me a headache. I cannot buy each one of them and taste them to make a final decision.

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The consumers will then buy one that most people buy. The product that is at the forefront of the shelf or somewhere easily approachable (who decides on the location? The distribution channel) is purchase the most. We buy such products and get used to the taste and make repurchase. We think that this particular one is the best product.

This purchasing decision pattern should not be applied to medical related products such as the implants. If we say that there is a manufacturer and distribution channel (ie. hospital), we would think that the implant used in most of these hospitals is the best one available. This would be the implant that sells the most.

There is a reason to why the sales are high.

The product has a history. It has been accepted in the market for a long time. Many people are aware and share its advantages and disadvantages.
But, No.1 is sales does not mean that it is No.1 in quality as well.

This is what I think. I think that the best implant is the one that is the most appropriate for the body of the patient. The best product is not the one that sells the most or the one that is the most expensive. There is no “best” product for everyone. There is one that is “best or appropriate for me”.

It is obvious that the manufacturers would want to promote their products as the best ones in the market because of their own investments on the product.

This is why I have to say that there is not one implant that is clearly outstanding today. I think this is a fact.

From my experience, there are few things to consider when choosing an implant. THe type such as anatomical or round, the size, and the material are all important in the decision making. I think it would be better to share about this rather than the company or brand.

1. Are the original breasts shaped properly or not?
If the lines on the breasts such as the upper line, bottom line, inframammary fold are clear and if there is a sufficient amount of fat, then round type implant is recommended. But if these lines are not clear or the overall shape is not good, then we tend to recommend the anatomical type. I don’t think there are many differences in the round type, especially smooth surface, of different brands. There are more differences in the anatomical type. If the patient does not have much volume in the upper breasts because the overall shape is not good enough, then tall type anatomical implant would be recommended.

2. Young patient with tight skin or aged patient
If the patient did not give birth, is in 20’s or early 30’s, and thin, then the breast skin tissue cells are very tight. Such patients are very sensitive about how their breasts feel after the augmentation. Implants with less charge rate are recommended to them.

If the implant feels soft, it means that there is less gel in the implant. If the implant is hard, then it means that it is filled with a lot of gel.

If the patients gave birth, tries breastfeeding, and have aged skin, then the overall skin would extend without any elasticity The implants used by such patients should not extend. Therefore, implants with high charge rate would be used. Such implants are not soft but hard and aid the breasts that tend to sag.

3. What level of volume and feel does the patient want?
Breast augmentation is conducted for cosmetic purposes therefore patient satisfaction is important. Patients have different standard when thinking about their breasts. There are those who perceive volume or their look and confidence to be important and there are those who perceive the send of touch to be important.

In order to result in the maximum volume possible, a large implant appropriate with the diameter of the breasts need to be used and in order to put in this implant, the thickness ie. projection needs to be high.

The manufacturers knowing this, have extra high projection implants but the measurements of all these high, medium, extra high projections are different according to different brands, so you should be careful when making a choice.

The sense of feel or touch is very subjective. If you are thin, do not have much fat, and the original breasts are not big enough, and you want a soft implant, then you can choose a soft implant, but, it should not be too large in size. If you use soft implant, but a large one and put it in a pocket that is small, there would be substance caused, feeling of the implant in the margin, and etc.

Decision on the implant must be made considering all these different factors.

There is no pre-determined answer. If a patient already makes a decision for herself and tells the doctor what she want, then this requirement itself could lead to dissatisfaction of the result in the future.

This is all for today. Thank you for reading.

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