Planning and communication are more important than technique in breast augmentation

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Things to consider before breast augmentation 

When I look at both online and offline information on a surgery, there are numerous amount of explanations on surgeries.

xx method,  @@ technique, OO breast augmentation; such labels are put on the information to look differentiated and advanced so that all these can lead to good outcome. This makes the patients think that only one particular method is the correct one. I am concerned about this thought.

A human body is very complicated. A thousand or even 10 thousand people are each individually different. Some people have different bone structure, some have different amount of tissue cells, some have a lot more fat, and some have a lot more muscle...... Such differences are really diverse and at the same time, what each person requires in an operation is different as well.

Therefore, it is wrong to think that one particular technique or method can provide the best result possible at all time.

Surgical technique, methods and equipment used are something that one should not explain that these are better than others and promote. There are better methods that are appropriate to the patient’s body and her wants.

This applies to implants as well. Can you say that OO implant is better than @@ implant? No, absolutely not. Implant is a product but the surgery is not. Implant is manufactured in some plant to shape a human body.

We need to choose the right product for the patient and also contemplate whether it was the best one for the patient after the surgery. All products today have their advantages and disadvantages.

Which product with what label is the best one? This type of question is same as asking which of the two, iphone or Galaxy is better. There is no meaning to asking such a question.

Then, what is really important? Let’s share a few.

- What is the expected improvement resulting in the surgery by the patient? i.e. Clarifying the target of the operation
- How is the status of the patient’s body and original breasts before the operation? i.e. Accurate assessment of preoperative condition
- Selecting the most appropriate method according to the patient’s status, i.e Optimal choice of the technic of the operation
- Communicate so that the patient understands the whole situation, i.e. Appropriate communication between the surgeon and patients

These factors are important for the success of the operation.

Clarifying the goal of the operation, analyzing the patient body and status, planning the overall procedure properly and having enough conversation with the patient should be the priority.
OO method. @@ technique.  XX implant. These are not the core important factors, they are sub ones.

In order to derive successful surgery results, it is important to spend your time mostly on analyzing patient status and the target of the operation. There are things that you gain from the operation but there are also some that you lose out. If you want to achieve satisfaction in volume, there is a problem with the implant being exposed and looking unnatural. Such should be the considering point when selecting the size of the implant.

Also, the patient must be educated on the problems that may arise from a particular surgery so that she is emotionally secured after the procedure. There is no one method that is completely advantageous. If there was, all the surgeons would be applying that technique. (In reality, there are lots of techniques applied...)

Therefore, the surgeon needs to be comfortable with various methods that can be applied to different patient status and objectives. A good doctor would be the one who applies the most appropriate method for the patient. The doctor should not recommend and apply self developed method that could or could not be appropriate for the patient. This is not a good doctor.

Today, we shared about the important factors such as communication and planning in breast augmentation.

Thank you for reading and have a good day.

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