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Things to consider for breast augmentation

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There are three ways to select the implant size.

First method is to select a size without any measurements. 

This depends largely on the preference of the patient and the doctor. Plastic surgery is referred to both art and engineering but this method is solely based on art as there are no measurements involved and the selection is done through visual method based on preference.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

Second is the dimensional analysis system method;
The patient and the doctor deliberate on the wanted results and then measure accordingly. This method is to measure the breasts so that we derive the wanted implant size and the shape.

Third method is the tissue based planning; 
This is not based on the preference of the doctor, or the requirement of the patients. We select the appropriate size range through experiments and plan the augmentation accordingly. The doctor recommends the implant size according to the width of the patient breasts, skin elasticity, distance between the nipple and lower line of the breast, etc.

Plastic surgery Korea KIES-U

The current trend is with the tissue based planning.

According to the journals published, we observe that the highest satisfaction is gained from tissue based planning. After taking the measurements, the doctor introduces the appropriate implant size range to the patient. The patient can get a fitting test before the augmentation to see what type of final result can be derived.

The patient can choose the size from the size range provided to get the most satisfying result possible.

Just like any other plastic surgeries, breast augmentation is also an art and engineering, but it needs to be scientific as well.

Scientific decisions should not be made based on how you feel. In reality, art itself is not structural enough, and it cannot be said that it is craftsmanship like.

The selection should be made through statistical data measurements, but I think that there should be a little art too it as well.

This is one fact that everyone accepts in cosmetic surgery. The difference between the cosmetic surgery and others is that cosmetic surgery starts off with the patient’s hope that we need to respect. There are many methods that can be applied in order to respect such hope therefore, the doctor’s preference in the method and experiences are also important.

There is no one correct answer. The answer depends on the wants of the patient and the preference of the doctor.

There are many patients who ask why all the hospitals are different in their methods. The difference arises because we want to satisfy the cosmetic wants of the patients and set direction in such way. We do not focus differentiation for marketing purposes.

I have used tissue based planning from the very beginning but I think that one needs to be flexible in decision making when considering cosmetic surgeries as we center our decisions on patient needs. But there are some things that we cannot be flexible about.

Therefore, I need to invest much time in such area to make the patients understand the things that I cannot be flexible about.

Today, I shared contents with reference on Plastic and reconstructive surgery 2016 Nov publishment by Dr. William Adams from Dallas.

Thank you for reading.

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