Safety of the silicone gel breast implant

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Breast augmentation Surgery To Know List 2. 

Is the silicon implant safe to use?

Today’s post is on the safety of the silicone gel implant. There are many of those who are highly interested in this topic therefore; I will go over the details briefly.

1. Is there any relationship between the silicone gel breast implant and breast cancer? 

Since 1992, many plastic surgeons, and other scientists studied and gathered data on the safety and effectiveness of the breast implants.

The 7 years of work was put into a book, "Safety of Silicone Breast Implants", published in 1999;. (Washington DC, National Academy Press)

This book was complete through much effort not only from the plastic surgeons but with the efforts from other scientists as well. The book has a reputation for being one of the most scientific and reliable book of its kind. It also meant that silicone breast implant is safe.

Another acknowledged medical journal, New England Journal of Medicine, in its 1995 332nd edition, announced a finding by Dr. Guerrero, who studied the relationship between silicone breast implants and Autoimmune Diseases on 87,000 patients. The result showed a proof that the silicone breast implant does not cause any body illness.

Such reliable scientific findings were published continuously, and since then, many people in Europe and South America used silicone implants. The implants were restricted only in US and Korea.

FDA restriction of the silicone breast implant was set only for the beauty surgery temporarily. So if the surgeon thought that it was necessary, then he/she could make a request to the FDA so that the patient can use the breast implant.

But in Korea, the importing of the implants was banned. Korea bench-marked the restriction from the FDA and made the implant banned from the country without any logical reasoning.

In 2006, FDA finally approved the use of silicone implants and Korea Food and Drug Administration did the same copying the exact standards from the FDA. The importing and the usage of the silicone breast implants were opened up since 2007. In 2012, there was an approval in the import, distribution, and usage of cohesive gel breast implant such as water drop type.

Silicone gel breast implant is safe. There is no proof that the silicone gel breast implant causes breast cancer or other Autoimmune Diseases such as lupus, and rheumatism. The public news and opinions without any justification caused moratorium that restricted medical development.

2. Why do we use the silicone? Is there no substitute? 

Silicone is chemically a safe substance. There is a long history of using silicone in the medical industry and there have been many successful cases in the usage.

Silicone can be made in many different forms, and can be easily put into the body. The cost is relatively low as well.

But this does not mean that there is only good in silicone. The biggest problem with the silicone is the structural look. If the silicone implant goes into the body, the body starts to become immune to it. This happens to every person except for those who have problem with immune system like AIDS. If this immune activity becomes rigorous, then the skin that surrounds the silicone becomes thick and hard causing bad structural look and touch.

There have been many studies related to such problem with the silicone. In Europe, there has been a history of using polyurethane instead of the silicone. This implant has near to 0% of causing structural problem.

However, polyurethane cannot be imported to Korea. There is a complex reason for it.

3. What happens if the silicone gel breast implant burst? 

There still are some contents on the blogs and homepages of some individuals that if the silicone gel breast implant bursts, the silicone gel leaks and goes into the blood or lymph circulation causing various types of sickness.

These contents do not have any logical ground. There are some people who think that if they eat snakes, their body becomes more flexible. However, science should not be based on likelihood. There must be a solid reasoning behind any explanation. Also, there are no proofs or facts that the silicone gel goes into the circulation and that the silicone causes any illness.

There is still some coherence in the leaked silicone gel so the gel stays together. Also, the gel remains in the epithelium so there is no possibility that it enters the circulation.

If the silicone gel gets damaged, then the shape of the implant changes slowly causing the shape of the breast to change over time. If this change is observed, then it is recommended to take MRI or ultrasound test to get a confirmation on the damage and them replacing the old implant with a new one. Silicone gel breast implant does not get damages as easily as the saline type.

Today’s post was answering if the silicone breast implant is safe or not. I hope the post helped you out. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

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