Late seroma after breast implant surgery

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There was a person who asked about the seroma that could arise after the breast surgery using an implant. I would like to share about this today.

If you put blood sample in the test tube and leave it for a while, the liquid rises and the blood cell stay at the bottom. The clean serum gathered together at a particular place is called seroma.

Small blood vessel damaged leaks plasma and cases seroma. Infection can cause seroma as well.

A hermatoma containing red blood cell is wrong and an abscess containing pus is different.

Seroma is formed due to some kind of trauma on the body. It gets sucked into the body as time passes. This may take days or even weeks. Calcification can be cause after the seroma disappears.

This happens a lot during the breast surgery (mastectomy), abdominal surgery, and reconstruction.

More the difficult the surgery gets, there is a higher possibility of seroma and the more larger the seroma is, it takes longer time for it to disappear.

Also, there is a possibility of second infection as well. Such a large seroma can take years to go away.

In 2012, there was a plastic and reconstructive surgery journal article written by Spear and others. They analyzed 28 cases of late seroma after breast implant. The seroma was formed at an average of 4.7 years after the surgery and most of the cases used biocell textured implant, Allergan’s textured implant.
One can remove the epithelium or replace the implant in order to cure this. There are cases where only the seroma was removed as well. Some used antibiotics for the cure.

96% were found to be cured properly, however we do not know the cause. There were no cases of infection or malignant altercation in the journal that Spear and other wrote.
The first scholar to mention about seroma in breast augmentation was Elizabeth Findlay. Dr. Findlay reported that all cases of seroma were found with the usage of Allergan’s textured implants. The reason for this is that all Allergan’s textured implants have a surface of Biocell that have strong friction and this causes trauma damaging the blood vessel - causing seroma. The seroma found by Dr. Findlay was found 6 months after the surgery (This is why the term ‘delayed’ was used).

From my experience, I think that it is more common to find seroma right after the surgery lasting for 6 months, which is different from what Dr. Findlay found out.
We, at our country, use Polytech, Mentor, Allergan, Silimed, Cervin, etc implants and I don’t think that the seroma formation only applies to Allergan textured implants. There were such cases found in Polytech and Mentor implants as well. Smooth round type implants had the same problem also. There weren’t any cases found in Silimed implants as of yet.

So, I think that instead of calling this “late seroma”, it should be called “Nonabsorbing seroma”.

If the pocket for the implant is larger than the implant itself, the contract-union of the implant and the pocket is not be conducted properly causing much space in between. There would be liquid formed in this space that do not get sucked in for a long period of time leading to the seroma formation.

A certain type of implant from a certain brand do not fit in with the size of an average Korean woman’s rib size therefore there can be a mismatch and empty space between the implant and the body. I think that this could also be a cause of seroma formation. Of course, there needs to be more cases gathered and experiments conducted to know about this with certainty.

Today, I share content on the complications that can follow after breast correction.
I hope that this content has helped you enough.
Thank you for reading and have a good day.

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