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Microthane breast augmentation – Fact Check 2. Is it good for sagging breasts?

Hello, everyone. Today I would like to share about microthane, i.e. microurethane shelled implant and how it is effective on sagging breasts.

Sagging breast is caused by three dimensional shape of the breast, therefore, tissues such as Cooper’s ligament lose strength. In most of the time, when a woman gets pregnant or does breast feeding, the breasts swell causing elongation. After the pregnancy or the breast feeding is complete, the breasts lose volume and become smaller. The ligament tissue cells are not rugger therefore, they cannot go back to the original shape. This causes the original breast tissue cells to fall downwards and this is the starting point of the sagging breasts.

Breast augmentation in Korea plastic surgery KIES-U  

The original breast tissue falls downwards, but the skin tissue cells still have the original level of elasticity. We call this glandular ptosis. Such breasts would not have much upper volume but the areola is placed somewhat above the inframammary fold.

As time flies and you get older, the skin loses elasticity and the strength to hold the composition leading to a change in the shape of the breast. This is a little different from glandular ptosis in that the areola drop down below the inframammary fold and you cannot see the white part of the skin from the front side.

There are many patients who consult on what to do during the glandular ptosis stage. A lot of these patients have spent few years after the pregnancy and they have loss in upper volume of the breast with a feeling that the breasts are sagging down with a loss of volume compared to before marriage. At this stage, we need to complete a few tasks in order to recover the breast volume, regain the elasticity and fill up the upper volume.

 Breast augmentation in Korea plastic surgery KIES-U  
First, we need to make sure that the implant does not collapse but stand still filling up the upper volume of the breast. Second, the breast tissue must stick to and hold the implant. If the skin loses strength, the implant would fall downwards causing the ptosis to be worse.

In order to achieve these goals and not fall back to the sagging stage, we recommend form stable implants that can be stably place on the muscle. The interface point can become loose therefore we need to provide the tightness by dual plane method.
But, there are conditions in using the form stable implants and applying the dual plane method. First, the skin elasticity must be maintained and the original breast volume should not be too big. Also, we cannot use too heavy (big) implant.

Breast augmentation in Korea plastic surgery KIES-U   

If your skin elasticity is not reliable and you want to use large sized implant, then I would recommend polyurethane to you.

When we use the polyurethane implant, it immediately sticks with the bottom (bone) perfectly. No exterior pressure or strength can change the location. It is very applicable for breast ptosis.

Microthane implant firmly holds the position as soon as it is used. This position does not change at all. The skin layer is supported by this implant therefore we can avoid breast ptosis. (Dual plane method must be applied)

As a result, this is very effective in filling up the upper volume as well. Microthane never sags downwards.

There are some who question if the textured implant that sticks to the skin leads to sagging. The textured implants do not have all the power to stick to the skin. The textured implant would slip away if you widen the pocket with your hands. Such stickiness is not enough to hold if there is much gravity.
Breast augmentation in Korea plastic surgery KIES-U  

What happens in the second type of breast ptosis? A case where the breast tissue and the skin all sag, i.e. natural ptosis. We need to provide solution on the skin extending. The usage of the implant cannot solve the problem. We need to cut off the skin surrounding the implant. We need to apply breast ptosis correction. Implant itself only cannot be a solution.

Let’s summarize. There are many situations where we can solve breast ptosis with the usage of microthane implants. This can be the best method for glandular ptosis where the skin does not loose elasticity 100% and you want to fill up the upper volume. This is the simplest of all methods and best method for improvement.

This is all for today. Thank you for reading.

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