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Q. I was found to have Fibroadenoma in my medical examination. Can I get breast augmentation? Do I need to remove the lymph first and then get the augmentation?

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A. Here is the pathological explanation on Fibroadenoma
Fibroadenoma is a benign lump that perimenopause women suffer from. It can move about easily,  is strong and smooth, but there is no pain from it.

Fibroadenoma can degrade by itself and there is a very low chance of it developing into a cancer.

Then why does it happen? We do not know the origin and there are many scholars trying to find it out. However the development and the enlargement is perceived to be caused by the female hormone.
It gets bigger during pregnancy and breastfeeding period. It also gets bigger when you receive hormone treatment and get smaller after menopause.

KIES-U Plastic surgery Breast augmentation Korea

Is incidence rate for fibroadenoma high if I take birth control pills or get hormone treatment? The answer is no. Female hormone does not cause it and there is no heredity factor as well.

- What is the incidence rate of Fibroadenoma?
In breast biopsy, about 50% of the cases are found to have Fibroadenoma. (75% for those who are 20 or less). Also, it is higher for those who have some type of social status. (I think this is because there are more women working in countries like US so those with low social status have difficulties in getting a check-up..)

KIES-U Plastic surgery Breast augmentation Korea

There are some abnormal historical findings on Fibroadenoma. One should be more careful in such cases so that it does not get any worse.

- Does Fibroadenoma recur after its removal?
There is a chance of recurrence. If we find one or two and remover it, there is a chance that another one or two regenerate in the future.
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- Does Fibroadenoma must be removed?
There is no one answer to this question. We cannot say yes or no. If we remove the big ones, there there would be large empty space that could change the shape of the breast. Fibroadenoma can contract in size or disappear if your let it me and at times, we recommend doing nothing.

- Can breast cancer be misdiagnosed for Fibroadenoma?
It is reported that the chances of misdiagnosis is 1/700 when conducting physical examination, ultrasound test, and fine-needle aspiration biopsy. The change become greater as the patient gets older.

KIES-U Plastic surgery Breast augmentation Korea

- How do we treat Fibroadenoma?
Many medical institutions have different treating standards for Fibroadenoma. This applies to other countries as well as Korea.
A malignant tumor is life threatening therefore one must follow the proper protocol for treatment but there is no concern that Fibroadenoma gets any worse therefore the decision on the treating method is depended on the doctor and also can be not treated at all.
KIES-U Plastic surgery Breast augmentation Korea
If you are 35 years old or older and diagnosed with Fibroadenoma, it is good to do a follow up check once every 6 months. 
If the Fibroadenoma contracts by itself naturally, one should monitor the status until it is completely disappeared.
If there is not change until you are 35 years old, then physical removal may be necessary.
If Fibroadenoma gets any bigger while it is being monitored, one must remove it definitely. If the patient’s family has a history of breast cancer or if Fibroadenoma looks abnormal, removal is recommended as well.
KIES-U Plastic surgery Breast augmentation Korea
- Then, should we remove Fibroadenoma before or after the breast augmentation?

Fibroadenoma is formed on the breast tissue and implant insertion in done below the pectoralis muscle so the two do not interfere with one another.

KIES-U Plastic surgery Breast augmentation Korea

So if you are removing one or two Fibroadenoma lumps, you can get the #breastaugmentation within a week or two after the removal.
If you already had breast augmentation, then you would have to wait 2~3 months for the breast skin and tissue to become stable, and then remove the Fibroadenoma.

But if you need to remove a giant fibroadenoma or many of those, then you would need to talk to your doctor on the time of the removal surgery.

Today, I shared some contents on #Fibroadenoma. I hope that the contents have helped you out.

Thank you very much. KIES-U Plastic surgery Breast augmentation Korea

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