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Breast Implant Size to Achieve Medium C Cup?

Today, I would like to talk about the one question that most of my patients ask. In simple words, the question is,
"Can I have a C cup breast (or a full B cup)?”
Two problems arise if a very thin, weak lady with narrow shoulders us large sized implants for breast augmentation. The first problem is that one can feel the edge of the implant when you touch the breast. Another is that you can make out the shape of the implant.

We call this first side effect, palpability (it is also related to refilling), and the second is called upper fullness.

Anatomical implant was developed for the safety and the secureness of the implant, and not to solve the upper fullness problem. However, the patients in our country who have very thin body but want large breasts use this anatomical implants and also avoid the problem of upper fullness.

There are many who say that one’s bust need to look good. There is a Y line that connects the collarbone and the midpoint of the breasts.

Y-line that shows the breast line

This Y-line is formed better with the help and secureness of the anatomical implant as well.
If you wear a short top or swimsuit, and draw a line that connects the collarbones to the nipples, this connected line would represent a meaningful purpose of breast augmentation. This line would determine how one looks good when wearing a particular clothes and also show where the breast starts.

If the breast is large and round, similarly shapes like a bowl, then there would not be a smooth line but a line that projects out. This line has to be smooth and natural to make the breasts look glamorous.

This is a popular model, Keeley Hazell from Britain. Where does her breast start? The line from her collarbone to the nipple looks astonishing and makes her body look captivating.


The width of the implant should not be larger than the width of the breast
The height of the implant can be extended in order to make the volume greater (although the width is small)

If you want to make your breasts look more beautiful and fitting with any type of clothes that you wear, then those in Far East who have narrow shoulders and narrow width breasts should use the anatomical implants that are long in height.
Let’s look at one anatomical implant, Optimam from Polytech, Germany, and compare it with others.
If the width (W) of the breast is measured at about 11cm, then the width of the implant should not exceed 11 cm.
Here are the implants with width of 11 cm.

Mentor Round
W 10.9cm 
Natrelle Round 
W 11 cm 
Polytech Round 
W 11 cm 
Natrelle Anatomical FM 
H 11.5  W 11 
Polytech Anatomical (Round) 
W 11 cm
Polytech Anatomical
 H 12.8 W 11

As you can see above, a round type implant would have a volume of 225cc, but if you choose a oval type anatomical implant, then you would have an implant with a volume of 260cc.
Let’s look at implants with width (W) of 12cm.

Mentor Round
W 12 cm
Natrelle Round 
 W 12 cm
Polytech Round 
 W 12 cm
Natrelle Anatomical FM 
 H 12.5 W 12
Polytech Anatomical (Round) 
W 12 cm
Polytech Anatomical
H 13.9 W 12

The same applies for this case as well. The implant with 290cc could be replaced with one that has the volume of 330cc. This is an advantage of oval shaped anatomical implants.

Of course, one cannot just measure the width in order to determine what size implant to use. We need to consider skin elasticity, pinch test, etc and there are also many with asymmetrical breasts therefore we need to use the sizer during the procedure.

However, it is a good thing that one can have a wide variety of implants to choose from in order to achieve that C-cup goal.
Before and after Breast augmentation

About 5 years ago here in Korea, it was difficult to find other types of implants, other than the saline bag type. But now, there are wide variety of implants available, and there would be even more variety to choose from in the future.
But, if there are too many choices, it becomes difficult to choose one.
If you have read all the articles in this blog, then you have been open to the most updated news in the industry, therefore you can say that you are aware about the most recent information.

This is all for today. Thank you very much.

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