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Good looking nose – Structuring framework – Korean people’s nose
by Dr. Lee Joo Hyuck (KIES-U plastic surgery Korea)

For the Asians, it is more important that we do not damage the framework and necessary that we make it stand out in more healthy and firm way.

Let’s look at the framework of the nose, first.

The upper part of the nose is composed of bone, and bottom part is connected with cartilage. The bone does not move. It does not slip / fall downwards. So if we put something on top of the bone, the nose will stand up higher and higher. 

So the basic understanding is that we put silicon implant to make to nose look higher.

If the upper nasal framework, i.e. bone, is bent, we need to correct it. 

At times the junction between the bone and the upper cartilage sticks out. If this is severe, we call it aquiline nose (also called a Roman nose or hook nose). We need to remove it or correct it. When this is complete, we do not need to do much more on the upper framework.

Now, we have the lower framework, cartilage left to work on. This part moves about according to how you touch it, so we cannot just put something on top of it. The cartilage may be pushed downwards or spread out on both sides. We need to put something in order for the tip of the nose to stand out, we call this nasal strut graft fixture.

The picture above shows the space between the lower cartilages. This part supports the lower part of the nose and is called the nasal strut. When we do a nose surgery for the Asian patients, we focus on strengthening the framework by supporting the lower cartilage. This is the very first mission in most surgeries.

We need to consider nasal septum cartilage, in such cases. The septum is normally flat so it acts as a supporting measure. If the nasal septum cartilage is strong, one layer is enough to support, however, if not then we need double layer for support.

Nasal strut graft

We complete half of the overall procedure once this nasal strut graft, the strengthening of the lower framework, is complete. The works on the other nose parts are done after the work above are complete.
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