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Thread lifting effect and duration 

Many are curious about thread lifting.
There are many methods used in cosmetic surgery clinics regarding anti-aging to remove the wrinkles and this area is a new one with a lot of development. From all the various methods, we can say that we are at thread lifting stage where this method is widely used.

This method of making aged looking face by lifting it and making the face look younger has a long history. Face lift surgery which requires pulling up of the face must have been done by vertical incision and pulling the skin upwards.

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Such method made blood circulation dangerous for the skin and also made scar on the face. The effect of the surgery did not last long and these problems have led to elaboration of the method.
Currently the face lift method includes incision on the hairline, front line of the ear, and backline of the ear, hiding the scars effectively.
Also, in order to have a long lasting effect, not only the skin but also the fascial plane is lifted to put near the cheekbone and fixing the location.

Such surgery can involve many parts of the face and also have a good effect, but there are edema and wounds that are long lasting on the face and other side effects such as damage on the nerves that could lead to further problems. Such problems of side effect and recovery period have be brought up continuously.

The current trend in anti-aging surgery / procedures are

Quick recovery
Highly effective
Long lasting
Less possibility of side effects

As the surgery time gets shorter, the effect or the result of the surgery gets shortened therefore, there is no surgery on earth that has such an effect.
Simple method with quick recovery does not have much effect.
If you want enhanced effect, the surgical method would be more complex.

However, the current trend is simple procedure (low-invasive procedure).
No usage of surgeon’s knife
Less costly (most important)
Less bleeding and inflammation
Quick recovery
Are some factors that the patients was now-a-days.

This is why thread lifting has come into the spotlight.
Thread lifting has been carried on from the omega lifting but there are many doctors who still cannot answer the basic question of how long this lifting effect would last. This shows the bad aspect of cosmetic surgery.

This is one characteristic of anti-aging cosmetic surgery around the world. Consumer demand is pushing the procedure into one specific one.
A lot of the patients do not listen to the doctors when it comes to cosmetic surgeries.
The greed of wanting to look younger covers the eyes and ears. This happens to nearly everyone. Maybe, this is something normal.

The effect of thread lifting is limited. There is no research done on the duration of the effect therefore one cannot present an academic number.
There is no such research in all parts of the world.

Everyone reacts according to what the patient wants.

There are cases that require face lifting and other cases that require thread lifting or Botox.

Face lifting should be done only when it is necessary.
It is very costly, and requires long anesthesia time, long surgery time, and long recovery time, but those who need this surgery would get it.
I tent to leave thread lifting at the end for those who do not want to get this procedure or are scared of it. Also, unless there is enough data on the effect and the lasting time period, I cannot say that this method would fulfill what the patient want for a long period of time.

Today’s column was on the thread lifting and anti-aging procedure. Thank you for reading.
Have a great day.

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