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No-Touch Technique of Breast Augmentation

Before the Keller Funnel was invented, surgeons would place the silicone implant through an incision by hand. The force required to place the implant in this fashion, could weaken the implant shell as well as cause bruising.

In 2009, breast augmentation saw its latest technological advance when the Keller Funnel method was introduced. This technique has completely changed and refined the art of breast augmentation and the next generation of this surgical procedure.

The Keller Funnel offers a no-touch delivery technique. The Keller Funnel is a clear, cone shaped tool that provides doctors with more manageability and ease to deliver breast implants safely into the breast during surgery without the doctor physically touching the implant with his/her hand.

This allows very little room for bacterial contamination or buildup on the implant surface. Due to the fact that the tool is clear, it allows surgeons to easily visualize and position the implant correctly before inserting it into the breast.

With the Keller Funnel system, insertion of the implant is much gentler for the patient and smaller incisions to the breast can be made.

There are four important benefits of using the Keller Funnel method in the breast augmentation procedure with silicone breast implants.

Smaller Incisions
The doctor is able to make smaller incisions by using the Keller Funnel. This means that there are more options for placing incisions during a breast augmentation procedure. It also means smaller scars and an easier recovery with less pain.

Decreased breast implant contact
Being able to use additional anti-bacterial measures with a Keller funnel reduces the risk of breast augmentation complications. It offers less risk of damage to the breast implant during insertion, helping to minimise the risks of pre-insertion damage to the breast implant product by reducing the  need to manually handle the breast implant. Excessive manual handling of implants has been identified as a potential factor in the compromise of the implant shell, reducing the longevity of the implant.

Quicker Healing
Using the Keller Funnel can also minimize trauma to the breast tissue. This makes for a quicker healing process, reducing post-operative pain.

Less Stressful to the Implant
The Keller Funnel is designed to minimize stress to the breast implant itself, which prolongs the implant’s lifespan and reduces the risk of the implant rupturing. The Keller Funnel’s slippery internal coating allows the surgeon to position and insert the implant with a minimal amount of pressure. In fact, research has proven that using the tool reduces the forces applied to an implant during breast enhancement surgery by 95 percent compared to the finger push method.

The implant is at lower risk of rupturing for the simple reason that less force is applied to them during insertion. This matters, because stress on the implant during insertion can eventually cause rupturing—even years later.

The Keller Funnel is the latest advance in Breast augmentation. This tool has completely revolutionized the plastic surgery industry by reducing risk, surgery time and over all stress to both patient and surgeon. The funnel has indefinitely been the only innovative tool used by plastic surgeons that has been able to fulfill the need of providing benefits to both the doctor and patient going under the knife. At KIES-U Plastic Surgery Korea, we believe that this tool is so ingenious that it has become absolutely necessary for our doctors to perform faster, safer and satisfying results to our patients, all while cutting down the risks of contamination and complication by a grandiose percentage.

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