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What happens to my breasts that I have cosmetic surgery on, after pregnancy or after I give birth? Which looks better? Before the pregnancy? Or after it?

This is a common question. The answer to this question is that the surgically done breasts become similar to the non-surgical breasts.

Breast augmentation requires putting in the implants and enlarging the skin. The skin tissue suffers much tension and weight load and also, the skin ages over time.

All the skin tissue suffers from aging whether you had breast augmentation or not.
The skin and the related tissues suffer change from pregnancy and birth whether you had breast augmentation or not.

Also, if you had a sudden gain or loss in weight, there would be changes in the skin tissue whether you had breast augmentation or not.

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The sad news is that all these changes that a person faces are not positive ones.
As you age, there are many changes such as wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of hair, fat moving downwards, weakening of your bones and joints, weakening of your organs, etc, and these changes are not positive changes to you in terms of beauty. (This is why people do not like to age)

The tissues surrounding the breasts suffer the same changes as well. Whether there is an implant or not, one cannot avoid many changes that take place after the pregnancy or birth.

The only difference is to what degree each different person suffers these changes.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

In the old days, some companies used to manufacture stickers for the surgeons to use on the implants so that the implants do not sag down along with the breasts when the patient gets older.

However, the result was not good. The implants did not move from its original position but the skin sagged with time, and it looked like that there is a bump on the breasts. The sticker product has vanished from the market since.

Unless you use such an implant, any implant would move its location according to the sagging breasts. Implants do not prevent the changes due to aging or pregnancy – giving birth.

But, there is something that gives some sort of minimum help to all these negative changes.

Implant needs to fill up the upper breast volume when there isn’t much volume due to the sagging breast. An implant needs to improve on the shape and maintain the shape as much as possible through all these changes for the breast augmentation to be successful.

If you are a person who is looking to be pregnant or planning to give birth soon, you need to consider this change for the long term as you think about getting a breast augmentation. Also it is important to think about how the breasts would look like as you age or give birth.

Some patients ask which of the two, breast augmentation before giving birth or after it, is better.

This question is a little meaningless, because no one knows when this giving birth would end. One might have a child but have another one unexpectedly. Also it is common to see a person get pregnant in her 40’s.

There are other various changes after pregnancy-giving birth. The body goes through a lot of changes from birth until death and so does the skin tissue.

If you ask about the right timing for the implant surgery, there isn’t one settled timing that a person can answer. This is the same as getting Botox or wrinkle free surgery.

We are trying to find improvement methods that could be applied to all these changes that a person goes through.

We are just trying to find the best solution in all these situations.
And we do this be estimating what kind of mid to long term changes you would face after the breast augmentation.

Today we looked at how the augmented breasts change before and after giving birth, along with when is the best time to get the augmentation.
Thank you for reading.

p.s. I missed out a point. There is no medically known proof that breast feeding leads to quicker sagging of the breasts. Breast feeding is important for the baby so it is not right to stop the breast feeding because one is concerned about the sagging breasts.

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