capsular contracture after breast augmentation surgery

10:26 PM

Q. Why is the capsular contracture formed?

The doctors do not know the reason as well. We think that the body reacts to outer substance and therefore causes the capsular contracture, but the incidence rate varies a lot from a doctor to another so we cannot simply say that the outer substance causes the capsular contracture.

The patient’s body is important, however, I believe that much of the responsibility is with the surgeons.

I have not seen any of my patients with double layer breast augmentation suffer capsular contracture. In such regards, I agree with Prof. Spears, in that the incidence rate gets bigger if the armpit of areola is used for the implant.

It is difficult to find significant data on the type of the implant; textured or smooth.
Therefore, if one wants to avoid capsular contracture, the surgeon, whatever implant he/she uses needs to minimize the trauma on the body and carry out the procedure in the most comfortable manner possible.

Q. How can you treat, prevent capsular contracture? 

Strong, hard massaging was a method used in the past, but this makes that patient suffer and there is no positive effect.

Removing of the epidermis leads to damage on the implant.

The capsular contracture medicine was actually used for asthma but there is no data that a patient group who used this medicine suffered less capsular contracture, so we cannot recommend this to our patients.

The most important preventing method would be for the surgeon to be gentle during the procedure causing no trauma.

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