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Q. When do you need to have a breast revision surgery?

There are few reasons for the breast revision surgery

First, when the breasts become hard due to the capsular contracture.
Second, when the breasts look awkward because the location or the position of the implant changes.
Third, when there is a damage on the implant (this is common on the saline type)
Fourth, when there is inflammation, bleeding, etc.

Breast revision surgery Korea KIES-U

The most common question is on the capsular contracture. I will talk about breast revision surgery considering the capsular contracture.

The reason why the patients are scared of the capsular contracture is that the breasts look “artificial or surgically repaired.” The implants are out of the original position, the breasts become hard, and the two breasts look different from one another.

The upper part sticks outwards or the implant is pushed away from the breast. Also there is much pain or at times there may not be any pain. The two breasts do not face the same type of capsular contracture, each faces different types.

Before & after Breast revision surgery Korea KIES-U

The above image is not the worst case of the capsular contracture, but the breasts have become hard and the implant is pushed upwards.

The patient received breast augmentation through the armpit using the smooth type implants. The breasts started becoming hard after 3 months and there has been a severe upper block.

The patient received a breast revision surgery after 7 months from the first one. The original implant was takes out from the sub-pectoral part and put into sub-glandular location.

The lucky part is that the patient had some volume on the breasts even before the first surgery, so the sub-glandular part could be used for the re-surgery.

If there is not much volume in the original breasts, the implant pocket cannot be formed on the sub-glandular part therefore, we need to form double layer for the revision surgery.

The patient had sagging breasts, therefore, we selected water drop type without any hesitation, and used oval shaped 290cc implant. The patient is now satisfied.

In the next posting I will talk about 'Why is the capsular contracture formed?'
This is all for today, thank you.

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