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What do you think is the size of the implant that is mostly used here in our country(south Korea)?

I looked into the implant sales data of 2013 and 2014. The result is that for all types of implants such as anatomical, round smooth, textured, the size that sold the most was 280~320cc.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

This is quite surprising. About 10 years ago, the mostly used size was 225cc~250cc.
Many things can chage in 10 years, however it is surprising to see that Korean patients are used implants that are about 30% larger than that of the past.

The measurement data that I have collected shows that patients in 20’s~40’s that want breast augmentation surgery have average breast diameter of 10.5~11cm.

Implant should not be bigger than the diameter of the breast therefore the implants with width of 10.5~11cm are about 250~270cc and so implant with this particular volume should be sold the most. However, the data shows that 300cc implants have the most order therefore, something must be going wrong.

The more I think about it, my conclusion is that the patients are using the implants that are relatively larger than that is necessary.
I have written about the problems that may arise if the implants are too big.
1) Implant goes into the body folded, therefore there can be rippling and visible ridges
2) Low durability of implants (high collapse rate)
3) Pressure on the implant causes it to shrink in volume (contraction)
4) Severe wound and more pain or loss of sense

Breast implants Korea

But such reasons do not limit the importing of large sized implants because,
1) Patients have high expectation for large volume
2) Fashion trend of wearing clothes that expose your body more
3) Greed of the doctors in cosmetic surgery

In the past, there were many who though that the large breasts look silly but now there are patients who want the breasts to be as large as possible (especially those in 20’s).
If is important that the doctor shares complications that could arise due to the usage of the large volume implants. However, such a doctor can be worried about losing the patient to another hospital if the doctor does not do what is required from the patient and therefore does what is wanted by the patient.

Swimsuits and clothes that expose your body more and more, dresses that stick to your body to show off your body lines are in fad with women in their 20’s and these ladies are showing off these physical sexiness through SNS. Such trend has led to changes in breast augmentation also.

Breast augmentation has led to customers wanting larger and larger breasts and the hospitals are allowing for this to happen. This is the reality today.

The problem is that you can change your clothes any time you want, but you cannot change the result of a surgery.
Many women think that if the original breast is 200 and if you add 300 to it, the size in total becomes 200+300 = 500.

But, as stated earlier, there is this ‘contraction’ on the implant and your original breast can decrease to 100 after 2 to 4 years. The volume would end up not as 500 but as 400 or less. When such contraction happens, your breasts would not go back to the original status although you remove the implants.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

In today’s world of vast information (including the wrong ones) the doctors should not be quite about the wrong information that the patients know. One should correct such wrong information and provide the correct ones and show what is right for the patient.
But there is tense competition between the hospitals so there aren’t that many that do the right thing. In reality, there is more suspicion and concern.

This is all for today. Thank you for reading. Have a good day.

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