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Q. Which is better for the sagging breasts? Round type implant? Or the anatomical type?

I have shared before in the old post. Dual plane surgery is conducted for the sagging breasts.

Dual plane should be done through inframammary fold.

Implant put under the pectoralis muscle in a sagging breast looks like a lump on the breast. If the implant is put in through the dual plane, then the sagging breast would look natural and good with the implant.

If the implant is put on top of the pectoralis muscle, it would make the implant expose more because of the less amount of skin and its thin layer.
In answering today’s question, it is better to use anatomical type implant for the sagging breasts.

The image below is one that I shared in the past.

Round type implant when standing up looks smaller than anatomical implant that has the same volume. The top part of the implant is crushed downwards.

If you ask whether or not the round type implant maintains its round shape when put into the body, it does not.
As you see in the image above, the upper part crushes downwards. The same applies for the textured type as well. All the round type implants that are sold today are the same.
But a form stable implant maintains its shape eventhough it is standing up. Natrelle and Polytech anatomical implants have such stable form.

Sagging breasts means that there is not much volume on the upper breasts therefore patients with sagging breasts want to fill up the upper part.
There are many who think that the anatomical type implant is too thin to fill up the upper volume and want the round type.

However, this is not true in reality.
Round type when lying down is round as its name says so. But when it stands up, the implant crushes down.

If there are two implants with same volume, the one that fills up the upper volume of the breast is the anatomical type implant.  (Full height, ie. high standing anatomical type implant)

If a round type implant has a strong exterior surface that helps maintain its form, this might be better that the anatomical type implant.
However, the round type implant in the market today are produced with less stability than the anatomical type implants.

Today, we looked at which implant, round or anatomical, to choose for sagging breasts. Thank you very much.

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