Marionette line lifting, correcting sagging cheek

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Hello, everyone. Today, I would like to share about marionette line and fixing this sagging cheek skin. The focus will be on the invasive method of thread lifting.
We call this part marionette line.

There are many reasons on why this marionette line is formed but the first reason is that there is a ligament in the face that holds the cheek skin. This can be looked as a dam. These ligaments on the face act as a dam by holding together the fat so that the fat does not drop down. However, as you age, the skin not only lose elasticity but the ligament tissue also weakens therefore the skin drops down and start looking like the marionette line. The water is supposed to flow downwards but remains collected because of the dam.

Nasolabial fold, Indian band are all the same. The dam holding the skin weakens, making it look like a furrow instead and the skin collects above it, making the cave look bumpy.

Then how can we improve on this weakened skin and the fat collected? The best solution would be to pull it back to the original place. This improvement is difficult when conducted with a surgery.

We would need something to pull up the skin and maintain that pull. We call these two point, anchoring point and suspension point.

The anchoring point is normally at the side of the head. This is like nailing on the wall therefore the wall must be strong and hard. A good spot would be somewhere higher than the ear.

The suspension point is one where we want to pull up the skin. For this case, it would be where the marionette line is.

Usually, we would use thread with lumps but if we have Indian wrinkle, nasolabial line, or dense skin around the marionette line, such parts would be pulled first therefore there would not be much strength to hold onto the marionette line. This would not have any effect.

So, at times tunneling is necessary to destroy the ligament of the Indian band or those that are near the cheekbone.

The most commonly used thread for lifting is the one with bumps. We call this Cog thread.

We need about 3 to 6 cog threads to lift marionette line on one side of the face.
However, there are many cases where this cog thread lifting is not enough to maintain long lasting effect. If these threads are to have long lasting effect, we need another source of power that would pull the threads to different directions. So we use another thread in parallel called PDO. About 10 threads are necessary.

This is how we correct the marionette line. At times, we would need to remove the fat around the marionette line, if the cheek is too chubby. We apply fat transplantation as well.

Today, we looked at the details of marionette line.
I hope that the information has helped you.
Thank you and have a great one.

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